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B&B Breakdown
Week of October 18 – 22:

I thought it was a strong week for The Bold and the Beautiful. The Stephanie storyline continues to provide touching moments and changed dynamics, and it was great to see Felicia again. Here are some points to comment on:

I enjoyed the emotional beats of Stephanie’s storyline again this week. I think what really works is the way it has changed the characters and their interactions so drastically. Also, there is a very human side to the story that viewers can relate to – it truly makes one feel. It was good to see Felicia back – I wish they would find a way to use her effectively; the character has excellent potential.

Amber’s antics.
Having Aggie and Amber go to war over Nick has provided some delicious catty moments, except I have to take exception to the way Amber is being written – having watched the character evolve and grow on The Young and the Restless, it seems strange for her to revert back to behaving as she did when she was younger and much less wise. Amber making a play for Nick came out of left field, as did her manipulation of Oliver – it is vintage Amber, and will probably make for a good story, but I find the change in the character a little jarring. The jury is still out on who I like with Nick – oddly, I don’t think I’m feeling him with Aggie or Amber.