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B&B Breakdown
Week of October 4 – 8:

This week was pretty solid for The Bold and the Beautiful, owing largely to the Stephanie cancer storyline which is hitting all of the beats just right. The changes at ‘Jackie M’ also made for some strong scenes. Here’s how it played out:

I get Nick…
I always knew I liked Nick for a reason – he tells it like it is – Rick proposing to someone who is already married, and Jackie lapping up the attention is embarrassing – the whole mess is weird. It’s too bad Bridget had to lose her job, but it makes sense, and it made for some great scenes between her and Nick! I still can’t decide if I like Aggie, but I’ll tell you one thing – she’d better watch out for her ‘gal pal’ Amber – that kiss between her and Nick was very intriguing!

What a ride!
I am loving the Brooke/Stephanie storyline for the most part. There have been some really good one-liners and unexpected moments to relish. Brooke is on my last nerve with the nagging, but that’s been the only downside. I hope the ‘ride’ continues to be good. It looks like we’ll be revisiting Stephanie’s amnesia period too, so that should be interesting.