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B&B Breakdown
Week of September 27 – October 1:

I often find The Bold and the Beautiful to be a mixed bag. That was true this week. There was the powerful Stephanie drama, the inane stuff involving Rick, and some romance between Nick and Aggie. Read on for my thoughts:

Office romance.
I love to see romance in the afternoon, but I can’t quite make up my mind about Nick and Aggie, or more specifically, Aggie. She has a sense of playfulness and sincerity that I like, but when she gets more serious she somehow annoys me. I can’t put my finger on it. Feel free to comment.

Thomas the conqueror.
Wow, I wish I could better understand Thomas’s sudden zeal to reinstate Brooke. Does he just want to get back at Steffy? It’s unclear, so it’s hard not to be taken aback at this suddenly being a constant theme running through every conversation he holds at Forrester. It’s a bit much, but on the other hand, I love how it evens things up, so I’m all for seeing what comes out in the wash!

Ridiculous Rick!
Since when do men propose to women who are happily married! Again, I’m finding this all to be too out-of-the-blue and over-the-top. It’s plain silly. I need a touch more realism to appreciate and invest in a storyline.