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B&B Breakdown
Week of September 20 – 24:

I had trouble with the Jackie, Owen, and Rick stuff this week on The Bold and the Beautiful, but the latest scenes between Stephanie and Brooke, as always, were intense and incredible to watch. Check out my thoughts below:

The Younger Set.
As readers know, I’m a fan of the blossoming love between Hope and Liam, but some of the dialogue from the younger set sounds like it’s from a bygone era! The confrontation during which Oliver whined to Liam, “You stole my girl,” (circa 1950) really made me do a double-take. The flower-y romantic talk between Hope and her suitors is a bit much as well. More realism in the dialogue would make their interactions better for me.

Steffy Sets Her Sights…
…on Hope’s boyfriend of course. I’m not sure I want to go down this road again, but Steffy certainly does spice up a storyline, you have to give her that! As for Taylor, is it wrong to feel that a shrink shouldn’t be enabling her daughter? I understand her need to defend Steffy to Brooke, but she seems to be in a fog sometimes when Steffy’s misguided intentions are pretty obvious; I mean, Steffy all but came out and said she would take Liam away from Hope because of the Spencer name – is that healthy? Really? I’d like Taylor to be sharper and more involved. Mother and daughter conflict can be very interesting!

Terrific Thomas!
I’m loving the new angle that Thomas is creating within the Logan/Forrester war. The writers did a great job with the casting of ‘NuThomas’, and the dynamic of a Forrester siding with the Logans evens things up and keeps it fresh!