Credit: Adam Gregory (CW)

In a Bold and the Beautiful shakeup, Thomas Forrester is getting a makeover. Adam Gregory has assumed the role, and Emmy-winner Drew Tyler Bell is out. talked to the new addition, who hits the canvas Wednesday September 22.

When The Bold and the Beautiful stars turned out to support producer Ron Weaver at a reading for his new book, “Soul Mate,” noticed a handsome new addition hanging with the cast. The young stranger had the height, looks, and build of Ronn Moss (Ridge), paired with Hunter Tylo’s (Taylor) blazing blue eyes.

Turns out, it was Adam Gregory, who’s been cast as their onscreen son, Thomas!

“90210” fans may recognize the hunk as preppy Ty, the bad boy who knocked up Adrianna in the first season. He’s also done stints on “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “Just Jordan,” and took on the big screen in “Hannah Montana: The Movie,” and “17 Again.”

Here’s what Gregory had to say about his new gig at The Bold and the Beautiful: How is life at B&B?

Adam Gregory: It’s going pretty good. I just started. I’m hanging in there, learning the ropes. Does this recast mean Thomas will be getting into trouble again?

Adam Gregory: I don’t believe anyone in the family or the show is ever out of trouble! [laughs] There’s always going to be drama. Are your costars helping you get settled in?

Adam Gregory: I am the new guy. It’s all new to me, so they fill me in onset, every once in a while, when I say, “What’s really the relationship here?” I have to get some backstory from them. I also read the coffee table book (“The Bold and the Beautiful, In Celebration of Twenty Years on Television”). That’s just so much to take in! Half the characters aren’t even here anymore, so I’ll ask John (McCook, Eric) and Ronn (Moss, Ridge) if they can fill me in. Other than that, it’s gone pretty smoothly.