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B&B Breakdown
Week of September 6 – 10:

Well, it was a short week, and not a bad one for The Bold and the Beautiful. There were lots of entertaining scenes, particularly when everyone came together to see the new baby. Here are my rants for this week:

Arctic Bill.
I’ve rarely seen a character behave so coldly as Bill has toward Liam this week! It’s a bit much. We got a glimpse of the reason for it on Thursday’s episode, but even so it’s hard to comprehend how someone could be so harsh on a young man who had recently lost his mother – makes you feel like Katie is nuts to stand by Bill! With that said, Katie had a few lines that made me laugh out loud this week, such as this understatement, “Bill just takes a while to warm up to people.” Too funny!

The Miracle of Birth.
Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with the actors playing Bridget and Owen, but the lines they were saying at the cabin after the baby’s birth made me want to hurl! I could not wait for their scenes to end! It was all just so over-the-top, gushy, and so not realistic – people don’t talk like that! Thankfully, they seemed to settle down once they arrived back at home. Phew.

Baby Blues – Not!
No blues for Bridget – she’s beaming from ear-to-ear, full of plans to be a family with Jackie’s husband! It’s not enough that she slept with him?