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B&B Breakdown
Week of August 30 – September 3:

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, some major storylines got resolved or look to be. I’m very happy to be done with some and move on to something else! Here’s my breakdown for the week:

You Are The Baby’s Father!
Liam’s paternity dominated this week, and it was nice to have an answer so quickly. While I appreciate the fact that Bill didn’t know he had a son to reject, I disagree that he should blame Liam for not seeking him sooner. I’m sure Liam’s mom had her reasons for keeping Bill out of Liam’s life and hopefully we will learn why. This story has a lot of potential and will be interesting to watch. Is Liam more like Bill than he would care to admit? What do you want to happen to Bill and Liam? Don’t forget to vote in this week’s Liam and Bill Snap Poll!!

You Sweet Thing.
While Bill being Liam’s father creates more drama, I did love seeing Thorne this week. I like how Stephanie could tell Thorne was secretly hoping Liam was his son. Thorne provides such a nice balance to all the Forrester madness and I wish he was around more.

Hair Again, Gone Tomorrow.
I’m surprised that Oliver left Forrester. He might wish he had stayed because I think Hope is going to get a lot closer to Liam than he would like. At the very least, I’m hoping that Hope will have the time to convince Oliver to get a haircut and show him how to use a brush. His awful mop of hair must go!