has learned that B&B will be bringing back the character of Jake Maclaine, who will be played by the same actor who originated the role, Todd McKee! Since Jake was last seen in about 1993, we thought it best to do some digging and refresh our memories about the role, and the actor who plays him!

Todd McKee was born in Kentfield, California on November 7th, 1963. He was raised in Westlake Village and graduated from Aquora High School. Todd then majored in Drama at USC, where he persevered even when money was tight, sometimes even sleeping in his car! A resourceful young man, Todd raised tuition one year by producing and selling Westlake Village Super Saver coupon booklets! That same year, he became a resident advisor in a dorm in order to net free room and board! Later, after accompanying a friend to see an agent, Todd ended up signing with said agent! He soon landed a McDonald’s commercial, and immediately afterward got the role of Ted Capwell on Santa Barbara!

Todd played Margo’s brother, Jake Maclaine, on The Bold and the Beautiful from 1990-1993. McKee has also enjoyed success in several movies such as The Perfect Tenant, as well as performing guest stints on many television shows like Models Inc., Melrose Place, V.I.P., and Seventh Heaven to name just a few! During his time on daytime television, Todd picked up two award nominations, one in 1984 for a Young Artist Award for his role on Santa Barbara, and the other in 1992 for a SOD Award for Younger Lead Actor, for his work on B&B!

A popular guy with the Santa Barbara cast, Todd once took a six-month trip overseas with Lane Davies (ex-Mason, SB), and dated co-star Carrington Garland (ex-Kelly Capwell, SB)! Oh, and in honor of Hallowe’en, we were able to scare up an old Soap Opera Digest Round-Up question answered by Todd McKee back in 1987:

What is one of the sneakiest things you’ve ever done?
TM: “While at USC, there was a Halloween party. I asked this one girl to go with me, but then I changed my mind, canceled with her and asked someone else. I knew the girl I originally asked to the party would be there so, not wanting to be recognized, I created this elaborate space costume. I didn’t take my helmet off all night.”