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B&B Breakdown
Week of August 23 – 27:

It was a pretty interesting week on The Bold and the Beautiful. I got a little tired of Steffy’s pushing, if only because it gets so repetitive, but the conflicts on this show are so well done that they made it an entertaining week on the whole. Check out my thoughts:

Stool Pigeon.
In the fallout from the video scandal, I have to wonder – where is Justin? How the heck is it that Liam is taking all the heat? Yeah, I know he opened his big mouth, and it made for great conflict between him and Bill, but where is the scene with Donna ripping Justin a new one for messing with her sister and niece’s lives? Hello?

Memory Lane Lunch.
I really enjoyed Nick and Brooke’s lunch together. They made a great couple at one point, so to have them run into each other and offer up support felt natural and right.

Not In The Cards.
Speaking of Nick, his conversation with Jackie this week made me wonder what he should do next. Does he still love Brooke, should he forgive Bridget, would it be best if he did pursue something deeper with Aggie, or should he just start fresh with someone else? Would love to hear comments below!

All Wet.
I must admit to being a bit confused about how Marcus getting wet demonstrates that Forrester is in dire straits. I think Steffy was stretching it with that one, but alas, I do like these two in scenes together.