Clarke - the lovable cad?! (CBS)

Attention Brad Bell! readers have been at it again – working tirelessly to come up with fresh ideas for their beloved B&B! For quite some time, our readers have wondered why old favorite, Clarke Garrison, hasn’t been brought front-burner once again. I can assure you they have some fantastic ideas for the character, and haven’t been shy about sharing them!

Brad, the fans miss “Bucky” and his always-entertaining interactions with other cast members, especially Sally. In fact, they feel Clarke would be the perfect person to arrange an on-screen memorial to the late, great Sally Spectra! Of course, that would lead to the revitalization of Spectra Fashions, and perhaps, the arrival of Sally’s relatives! Imagine, Mr. Bell, the interaction of Dan McVicar and, say, Patrika Darbo as Sally’s sister! Imagine an actor like Dan, who actually grew up in a family with 12 children, battling alongside C.J. for the rights to Spectra against a band of Sally’s wacky relatives!