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B&B Breakdown
Week of July 19 – 23:

Brooke and Oliver’s tryst dominated The Bold and the Beautiful this week. Most of the week was dedicated to how Ridge handled his wife and daughter. While I found Ridge’s behavior to be confusing this week, there were still some other interesting moments. Here’s the rundown of noteworthy and cringe-worthy moments of the week:

Ridge Makes Me Cringe.
Ridge continued to do what he deemed best for all, and he forgave his wife and punished Steffy. While I found it a nice twist that he forgave Brooke so quickly, I was surprised that he came down so hard on Steffy. Yes, Brooke didn’t set out to cheat on Ridge. However, not to be too graphic, but you would think Ridge’s enormous ego would have been bruised because Brooke didn’t recognize his manhood! Instead, Ridge ordered Steffy to welcome Brooke back to Forrester with a video tribute. I have to wonder why Eric, Stephanie, Thorne and other board members weren’t involved in this decision. Also, Ridge was even harder on Oliver, and made the comment that it was disgusting that Ollie would have unprotected sex with Hope against a wall. He makes a good point, but I’m hoping that his comment wasn’t foreshadowing of another surprise pregnancy!

Sugar and Spice Sisters.
I really liked Steffy this week. I thought her scenes with Ridge were honest. It can’t be easy for her to watch Ridge constantly forgive Brooke. I was really surprised but found it refreshing that she came around so quickly. I wish she wouldn’t be so hostile with Hope, as Hope can’t be blamed for her mom’s behavior. Speaking of Hope, I’m wondering who she will turn to for guidance now that the scandal is out. Will she be like Steffy’s namesake, Stephanie, or perhaps seek out Taylor the doc for advice? Maybe some of Hope’s real dad’s genes will come out and she will be less sugary and more spicy like her sister, Steffy. What do you think Hope will do? Be sure to vote in the poll, Who Will Hope Turn To?