Attention Brad Bell! Recently it came to our attention at Soaps.com that a remarkably talented actress has offered herself up for a role on The Bold and the Beautiful! In a recent interview, flame-haired actress, Patrika Darbo(ex-Nancy, DOOL), referred to the late Darlene Conley(ex-Sally, B&B), as an ‘icon’, and added that if B&B wanted to create the role of Sally’s sister, she’d be glad to play her!

Those familiar with Darbo’s work as Nancy on Days of Our Lives, will attest to her considerable talent and ability to infuse her characters with a light that keeps the viewer’s attention riveted to the screen! Still reading Brad? We asked Soaps.com readers their thoughts on having Sally’s sister come to L.A. in the form of Patrika Darbo:

“I think it would be awesome! I think she’d add just the spunk the show has been missing since Darlene Connelly’s passing. The show needs some life breathed back into it right now.” -Daisy671

“She’s talented and a great comedienne. I could see her working as Sally’s sister!” -Touched

“What an idea, they need some new faces on B&B. Maybe she could revive Spectra Fashions and give both Nick and Eric a run for their money!!! They need the energy and humor that Darlene Conley brought to the show….she is so missed!!!” -Girly51

“This would be wonderful! When they paired Sally & Stephanie it was a great comedy team. … Maybe if they give Sally a sister she will have the same funny bone. Heaven knows that the show needs it…God, how I miss Sally! !” -BaileyBaby

“I think she would be fantastic and totally believable as Sally’s sister what with all that red hair!” -szqsk8

“Interesting…maybe it’s the Sally personality that will turn things around…They definitely need someone like that with flair again.” -Windflower