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B&B Breakdown
Week of July 5 – 9:

Things got a little repetitious at times this week on The Bold and the Beautiful, but things were moving along nicely by week’s end. I’m hoping for some interesting twists in the storylines, as the predictability level is a bit high at this point. Here are some thoughts on current stories:

Steffy’s Demands.
First of all, I wouldn’t want to have to force someone to date me, but Steffy plotting to get Brooke and Hope out of Forrester makes sense. What is unbelievable to me is that Stephanie accepts all this without wanting to know what Steffy has on Brooke. It will be interesting to see how Steffy fares at Forrester now that she has it to herself. Does anyone else wish Brooke had just told Ridge the truth? She was so close! Who thinks the truth will come out before Hope’s plane gets off the ground?

Aggie and Hope.
What a nice, relaxed, realistic scene between Aggie and Hope at Oliver’s beach house. Not at all exciting, but a welcome switch from the over-the-top melodrama!