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Highlights for B&B in the 1990s

The new decade left Caroline Spencer, recently divorced from Thorne (Jeff Trachta/Winsor Harmon), available to marry Ridge only to leave him a widow after she died of leukemia. Ridge soon reconnected with Brooke, bedding her while she was married to Eric, which resulted in a ‘who’s the daddy’ storyline. Felicia Forrester (Colleen Dion) was first introduced to viewers in time to watch her mother and father’s relationship dwindle even further over Brooke. Eric let Brooke go and got involved with Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) from Genoa City. In order to keep Eric for herself Sheila switched Bridget’s (Juliet and Trevor Johnson/Abigail and Danielle Burr/Britany and Morgan Turner/Caitlin Wachs/Landry Albright/Agnes Bruckner) paternity results to show Ridge as the father of Brooke’s baby. During her reign of terror in Los Angeles Sheila held many hostage, shot and poisoned various people along the way to kidnapping her and James Warwick’s (Ian Buchanan) baby before leaving town. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo/temporary recast Sherilyn Wolter) caught Ridge’s eye, which sparked an ongoing feud with her and Brooke, and he soon made her his wife. Taylor was later presumed dead, as a result of a plane crash, and Ridge had no idea she’d been rescued, suffering from amnesia, by Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi) of Morocco. Taylor soon regained her memory and ultimately reclaimed Ridge from Brooke. Taylor and Brooke took turns with Ridge about as many times as Stephanie felt the need to slap the blonde throughout the decade. Stephanie terrorized Brooke so much that she ended up in Barbados suffering from psychosis. Stephanie made Ridge believe Brooke changed the paternity results to trap him into being Bridget’s father. Once Stephanie pushed Brooke to take some time away in Paris, she and Eric moved quickly to gain custody of her kids. Ridge learned Brooke had disappeared from Paris and rescued her in Barbados, where she was emotionally damaged, holding two dolls she’d named Rick and Bridget. He then brought Brooke back to LA to reclaim her children. Down the road Ridge again proved to be a protector for Brooke and her family. Rick (then Steven Hartman) wanted his parents back together and shot Grant Chambers (Charles Grant), who was set to marry Brooke. Grant knew Rick was guilty but pinpointed Ridge to keep him away from Brooke. Ridge was arrested and though Grant revealed to Ridge the shooter’s real identity, Ridge vowed to take the fall for Rick. In the end, Ridge was released and Rick got therapy but his teenage troubles were just beginning.

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Rick (Jacob Young) turned sixteen and became infatuated with his much older babysitter Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz). Brooke hired the newcomer from Furnace Creek and soon regretted her decision when it became apparent Amber was sleeping with her son. No one could tear Rick and Amber apart and it wasn’t until she became pregnant that Amber feared losing Rick, due to the one-night stand she had with Raymond (R&B superstar Usher Raymond), not knowing if the baby was Rick’s. When it was time to give birth, Amber returned to her mother Tawny’s (Andrea Evans) trailer in Furnace Creek. Though her baby proved to be Rick’s, he was stillborn, leaving Amber to switch her dead baby for her cousin Becky’s (Marissa Tait), a little boy she didn’t want. Abandonment had been a big issue in the Spectra family as well. Sally felt alone and used her company to lure Clarke into marrying her. He received half of Spectra Fashions in exchange for their vows but a marriage certificate didn’t stop his promiscuous ways. When he found out Sally was pregnant, Clarke demanded she have an abortion, which she never went through with. Their son Clarke ‘CJ’ Garrison Jr. was born. Sally had always believed her husband Adam Alexander (Michael Swan) had walked out on her and their daughter Macy when in fact he’d left to protect them from his mob connections. When Adam resurfaced as Myles Fairchild, along with his teenage daughter Kimberly (Ashley Lyn Cafagna), Macy had been thrilled but Sally not so much. In time Sally warmed up to Adam, but it wasn’t long before the mob realized he was alive and came looking for him. With Adam in their sights, Sally ended up shot instead. Adam brought her to the hospital then fled the city again without any goodbyes, only returning briefly to secretly whisk Kimberly away to safety with him.

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– Amy Mistretta