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Highlights for B&B in the 2000s

The new millennium continued to bring fear to Rick Forrester (Justin Torkildsen). Though Amber’s (Adrienne Frantz) cousin Becky Moore (Marissa Tait) realized their baby was hers, she allowed Amber to raise the baby in order to give him a better life. Rick watched as Amber and CJ Garrison (Mick Cain) grew close with plans to marry and raise Little Eric (Brett and Jon Wirta) together. He went in search of Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan), the baby’s biological father, in hopes of paying him to sign over his rights. Rick’s plan backfired and Deacon gained sole custody of the child and grew close with Amber. Deacon found another way to get in with the Forresters without giving up his son and seduced Bridget (Jennifer Finnigan) with his older, sexy charm. The Forresters fought their relationship and demanded to talk to Bridget after Deacon rushed her off to Vegas to elope. They were too late and the couple married and while the family listened over the phone, Deacon took her virginity. Bridget’s heart was broken soon enough when her mother, Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) betrayed her by having a love affair with her daughter’s husband, which resulted in a pregnancy. Though Whip Jones (Rick Hearst) claimed the baby as his own, to protect Brooke from Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) reveal of the pregnancy at a press event, Bridget learned the truth after overhearing Brooke and Deacon talking about their affair through a baby monitor.

Bridget disowned Brooke, which sent her up to Big Bear and into labor, where Stephanie ended up delivering her and Deacon’s child, Hope (Keath and Sheyne Sahagun/Alex and Brody Lougeay/Colby and Grayson Button/Madison and Paige Pelletier/Ava and Jack Dunlop/Rebecca and Vanessa Rogers/Cali and Noelle Sheldon/Amanda and Rachel Pace). It wasn’t long before Brooke realized Deacon wasn’t her destiny and she moved on with Nick Marone (Jack Wagner), who’d found out that Massimo Marone (Joseph Mascolo) was his father. A new baby drama storyline began when Brooke hired Morgan DeWitt (Sarah Buxton), who’d been looking for a way to get back into Ridge’s (Ronn Moss) life. Taylor Forrester (Hunter Tylo) was married to Ridge and befriended the other woman after learning Stephanie convinced her to abort Ridge’s baby years ago. Morgan forged emails leaving Ridge to believe Taylor had agreed to allow him to impregnate Morgan to replace the baby she’d lost. Taylor was furious with both Ridge and Morgan, who ended up losing their baby during an argument with Taylor. Morgan refused to give up on having Ridge’s child and kidnapped Steffy (Grace and Kelly deMontesquiou/Alexis and Allyson Collins/Alison and Brooke Johnston/Taylor and Brooke Toneman/Sophia and Whitney Schuring), who her family believed died from a shark attack while going overboard a ship during a family trip to St. Thomas. Devastated, Taylor later found her daughter at Morgan’s, where Ridge rushed to their rescue before Morgan was committed to an institution. Another presumed dead storyline followed surrounding Macy Alexander (Bobbie Eakes). Macy began drinking again and upon learning her husband Thorne Forrester (Winsor Harmon) was having an affair with Brooke, she was finally ready to sign divorce papers until Brooke interrupted a meeting with Thorne and demanded she let him go. Macy jumped in her car, as did Brooke, and raced off before getting into a fiery car crash. Macy was presumed dead and no one realized her father Adam Alexander (Michael Swan) had saved her and whisked her off to Italy to heal. Stephanie suffered a stroke over Brooke and Thorne’s involvement and Thorne took comfort in Macy’s best friend Darla Einstein (Schae Harrison).

Their one-night stand resulted in a pregnancy. Adam returned a sterile Macy to Los Angeles where she learned of Darla’s pregnancy and in the end couldn’t bear to be a part of the child’s life. She divorced Thorne and moved on with Deacon. In helping him gain custody of his son and Hope, Macy in turn was able to get back at Brooke. She soon put vengeance aside when Deacon won custody of Little Eric and the two married and planned to raise the boy together. Macy used her singing talent to help Oscar Marone (Brian Gaskill) open his new nightclub. While performing, the chandelier above her had been tampered with by men from Oscar’s past and fell upon Macy. Unfortunately, she never regained consciousness and her mother Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley) was forced to remove her from life support. Taylor Forrester was the next presumed dead character when she got caught up in Sheila Carter’s (Kimberlin Brown) attempt to infiltrate her and James Warwick’s (Ian Buchanan), daughter, Mary aka Erica Lovejoy (Courtnee Draper), in the rich and famous life of the Forresters. She kidnapped Ian and held him in the basement of the “Houdini House” and when he escaped and her secrets came out, Sheila tried to kill Eric Forrester (John McCook) with a gun at a party as the family watched in horror. Taylor tried grabbing the gun from Sheila, was shot and died in Ridge’s arms. Nobody realized Prince Omar Rashid (Kabir Bedi) saved Taylor, switched her coffin with a wax dummy and took her back to Morocco. Once healed, Taylor remembered who she was and couldn’t stay away and Ridge soon caught glimpses of her in Los Angeles, making him dig up her coffin and see she wasn’t in it. The next upset to hit Ridge was the reveal that Eric wasn’t his father. Stephanie realized the truth when Eric wasn’t a match for Ridge after he’d lost blood from falling on a decorative sword during an argument with Massimo. Ridge found out the truth after he’d taken a job at Marone Industries and developed a relationship with Massimo. It took a while but Ridge accepted him as his father. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Jackie Marone’s (Lesley-Anne Down) rivalry heated up, not just over Eric and Massimo but over which son, Ridge or Nick, belonged with Brooke. It wasn’t until Jackie fell over a second-story railing at the Forrester mansion during a struggle with Stephanie that the women became frenemies. The Spectras faced another death following Taylor’s drama surrounding Forrester shares. Taylor butted heads with Ridge over Brooke and with Stephanie over Ridge, which drove her to drink.  One night, a drunken Taylor rushed out to help her daughter Phoebe, who’d experienced car trouble on the Pacific Coast Highway.  Darla headed out separately and while trying to change Phoebe’s tire was hit and killed by Taylor. After months of hiding the truth, Shane McGrath (Dax Griffin), a witness to the incident came forward. She was slapped with a charge of vehicular man slaughter with gross negligence but found not guilty. She did 100 hours of community service and it wasn’t long before Taylor faced more tragedy. Phoebe (Mackenzie Mauzy), who’d had a brief relationship with Rick (Kyle Lowder), found her mother and Rick in bed together. She soon accepted their relationship but was furious when Rick moved on to her sister Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Phoebe believed Rick seduced them all to get back at Ridge and jumped in his car as he stormed off. Overcome with anger, Phoebe lost control of her emotions and caused Rick’s car to crash. Not wearing a seatbelt, Phoebe was ejected from the car and died in her father’s arms. Taylor, now involved with Nick, got another chance at motherhood when she became pregnant through vitro fertilization – only to be crushed yet again by the reveal that her egg donor had been Brooke. In the end, baby Jack (Mallory Mae Garza/Cameron and McKenzie Carr/Frank and Morgan Gingerich) never bonded with Taylor, who made the tough decision to have Brooke raise him. Devastation soon rocked the Logan family after Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson), who had been dating Storm Logan, (William deVry) broke up with him. Storm got a hold of a gun and his sister Katie (Heather Tom) tried to take it from him, resulting in her accidental shooting. Knowing Katie would die without a heart transplant, Storm committed suicide in order to donate his heart. More baby drama ensued when Donna’s (Jennifer Gareis) long lost son Marcus (Texas Battle) appeared in Los Angeles looking for the mother who gave him up. Not long after, Donna’s high school sweetheart Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) appeared on the coattails of Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) and learned they’d had a son named Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). They reunited, and like Justin, Bill never knew he’d had a son. More health issues came to light, including Stephanie’s mother Ann Douglas (Betty White) who died of pancreatic cancer, followed by Stephanie’s Stage IV lung cancer diagnosis. And after years consumed with hatred and revenge, it was Brooke who stood by Stephanie’s side as she began the journey on her bucket list.

– Amy Mistretta