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Scott Turner Schofield will be seen as Nick on “The Bold and the Beautiful” starting May 8 as Maya’s friend and mentor. Added: 4.28.2015.

Kim Matula will return as Hope Logan for an appearance. She taped March 4 and appears on April 17 and 20.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood returns to taping again in April for a longer stay as Steffy. She first airs on May 26.

Zane Achor is back as Baby Will on April 1.

Katherine Clark, Amanda Riley, Shiya Zhao and Tatiane Souza play Forrester models on April 3.

Koreen is the Forrester model appearing on April 3 and 6.

Zach Conroy returns as Oliver beginning April 3.

Othello Clark is back as Othello on April 13. Added: 4.10.2015.

Tom Lind returns as the pilot of the Spencer jet on April 23. Added: 4.17.2015.

Michael Blain-Rozgay appears on April 29 as a jeweler in scenes where Rick is choosing Maya’s engagement ring. Added: 4.24.2015.

"B&B" is looking for a transgender actor or actress of any ethnicity to appear in at least four episodes as a confident person who has completed their transition and is mentoring others. The role begins taping on April 7. The show is seeking an African-American 'name actor' between the ages of 55-60 to play the recurring role of Jimmy, who is described as a conservative, Midwestern family man. Added: 4.17.2015. "B&B" is casting a 16-19 year old female of any ethnicity to play a modest beautiful introvert. She should be multilingual. Added: 4.17.2015. B&B is seeking an 18-20 year old African American leading man. He will be articulate, assertive, athletic, extremely handsome and sexy, and also well-educated.​ He should be at least 5'10". The role is heavily recurring or possibly contract. Added: 4.24.2015. Follow on Twitter, and on Facebook. - Candace Young

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015


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