Kimberlin Brown"The Bold and the Beautiful" SetCBS Television CityLos Angeles, Ca.03/22/22© Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 8764U.S.Airdate 05/06/22
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

If you’ve seen the promo The Bold and the Beautiful released for the week of March 27, you know how Sheila responds to Bill’s declaration that her reign of terror is over. Spoiler alert: not well. In fact, the madwoman is so enraged by loverboy’s betrayal that, true to form, she lunges at him.

Ah, but there’s a twist! Bill, well-acquainted with Sheila’s predilection for violence, knows to zag when she zigs. So he gets out of the way, and she… she goes out the open door to the balcony and right over the edge!

Could this be the death of Sheila that actually sticks? It’s “not looking good,” Kimberlin Brown admitted on Instagram. “Can you say… ouch?”

Of course, Sheila has not only been down before, she’s been down for the count — and still bounced back. We wouldn’t put it past her to play dead (again) and make tracks back to The Young and the Restless in hopes of tracking down the rare relative from whom she is not yet alienated. Mainly because, so far as we know, they’ve never met. But still… (Read all about that character here.)

Sheila could also limp away, tail between her legs, and beg forgiveness from one of her other forgotten family members — and there are a bunch. Climb the twisted branches of the Carter family tree here as we wait to find out whether Brown needs to be added to our photo gallery of Bold & Beautiful comings and goings.