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Yesterday’s, March 15, episode of The Bold and the Beautiful delivered a twist like no other when Ridge appeared and proved to be working with Bill to nail Sheila. Though viewers only got a glimpse of an FBI jacket and badge from inside the surveillance van, actor Brian Yang informed his Twitter followers that he had officially started his “little run” on the CBS soap.

Since the show is preempted today and Friday for March Madness, we’ll likely see more of the FBI agent next week — and fans might recognize Yang from his previous daytime role playing Dr. Yuan on ABC’s General Hospital.

It’s clear that the FBI has been involved in Ridge and Bill’s surprising partnership and scheme so Yang’s character could be the one who finally puts the nail in Sheila’s coffin by arresting and sending her to prison. And if you were shocked by Wednesday’s big reveal, can you imagine how Ridge and Bill’s families are going to react — if some of them don’t already know…

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One thing is for sure, this was a brilliant storyline twist, one that could spell trouble for not only Sheila but Deacon as well. And while many are screaming for someone to put Sheila back in the slammer, others have been rooting for Deacon since he purchased Il Giardino and has turned his life around — aside from falling for Sheila, that is.

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We will be on the edge of our seats watching to see how the next phase of Ridge and Bill’s plan unfolds, that’s for sure!

And if anyone out there is feeling sorry for Sheila, look back on the many reasons why she should spend the rest of her life in prison.