Ridge B&B
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He’s coming back… but will almost certainly wish he hadn’t.

A lot has happened since Ridge Forrester went off to find himself — and we mean a lot. At times, in fact, it was almost unfathomable that he wouldn’t have returned considering what was going on with his loved ones, yet he stayed away. Now, it’s time for Ridge (and his portrayer Thorsten Kaye) to come back to Bold & Beautiful… but when he gets a load of the mess at home, he may want to turn right around and leave again!

Honestly, who could blame him? First off, Sheila Carter is alive, out of prison, and roaming even the hallways of Forrester Creations when she pleases. Worse, Ridge is about to discover that she’s living with and under the protection of his rival and enemy, Dollar Bill Spencer. Now that’s a confrontation or three in the making right there if we ever heard of one.

Second, Brooke and Taylor have become so close that the blonde asked the brunette to move in with her. The plot twist in their relationship is enough to throw anyone off their moorings. In addition, Ridge is about to learn that Brooke started dating again — and a hot younger guy no less! Who knows what his romantic status is after all this time away (it’s not like him to stay single for long) but if he has designs on Brooke, he may be sorely disappointed.
Ridge B&B

‘Zen’ Ridge may want to turn around and leave again.

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Speaking of designs, there’s the issue of Thomas still to contend with. Ridge had all but disowned his son before he left town, pushing him out of the family business and angry and disappointed to his core over Thomas’s deception, which affected his own life so profoundly. Now, Ridge will find out that Taylor has convinced Steffy to relent and let her brother back into Forrester Creations. It’s anyone’s guess how he’ll react to that. And though we’re certain he’ll be relieved that Thomas is seeing a therapist, will he be willing to trust him again?

As for Forrester Creations, it seems to be in a bit of a shambles with one of its most important lines, Hope For the Future, underperforming and set to be put on pause after Zende and Eric proved unable to fill Thomas’s creative shoes in that department. Will Ridge try his hand at himself? Or is he too, a couture-only man?

Mark your calendars, as, per SOD, we’ll find out what Ridge has been up to, where he’s been, and what his reaction to the mess at home will be when he returns on Wednesday, March 15.

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