Brooke Ridge dispute B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Ridge has been MIA for a bit now ever since his romantic prospects blew up for both Brooke and Taylor. It looks, though, like we’ll soon be getting Ridge back on our screens! And no, we don’t mean that the show’s replacing Thorsten Kaye!

As our sister site Deadline reports, Bold & Beautiful has recast Brooke and Ridge’s son, Ridge Forrester Jr., AKA RJ! Joshua Hoffman is stepping into the role and is set to begin filming one week from today on Tuesday, March 14. Even better, he’ll be airing by April 21! Hoffman’s no stranger to television, having appeared in everything from Showtime’s Shameless to co-starring in Nickelodeon’s Talia In the Kitchen.

As for RJ, the last time we saw him was five years ago when Anthony Turpel sent the young Forrester off to school after wooing Sally’s little sister Coco. Supposedly he was living with Rick and Maya in Paris but seeing as how he’s a young adult now and they split up years ago, who knows where he’s been in the time since!

The last we saw RJ, he was getting lectures from his mom with Coco!

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

According to Deadline, though, RJ will have a burgeoning career of his own when he returns, though something tells us that might relate in some way to the fashion industry! (It is the family business, after all.) The question is, will he be key in reuniting his parents, or will he have a major chip on his shoulder when it comes to how his dad’s treated his mom all these years?

We supposed if anyone actually wants to reunite Brooke and Ridge it would be RJ, their only kid together! Let’s just hope he doesn’t get quite as gung-ho about it as Steffy and Thomas did with their parents. Because we all know how that turned out!

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