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If you think what Thomas did by involving Douglas in his scheme to frame Brooke for calling CPS has been forgotten, it hasn’t. In fact, The Bold and the Beautiful is bringing someone back to the show that will help determine where things go from here in regards to Douglas — and how much Thomas will be able to play a part in his life.

The show has cast Jill Remez to appear as Judge Gomez, as reported in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest. The actress may be familiar to viewers since this isn’t her first time on the CBS soap, or the second or the third… From 1996 to 2018, Remez appeared three times, in three different roles, as Dr. Flores, a seamstress named Lucy and Rosa Gonzalez. She also had roles on Passions (Juanita) and Days of Our Lives (Mrs. Perez).

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Viewers can expect to see her in the latest role beginning on Friday, February 10, when the judge meets with Douglas and his family. And the question is… Will Douglas stay living with Hope, who may end up with full custody of the boy, or will Thomas be able to reclaim his son and continue to live with him on a daily basis. We have a feeling poor Douglas will be put in the hard spot of having to choose where he wants to live, which will break one of his parent’s hearts.

And if the judge browsed through our gallery of Thomas’ life, the good, the bad and the mannequin, her decision might be very easy to make. Stay tuned!