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This character is not going to be popular with the Forresters and Logans.

As Dollar Bill Spencer forges ahead with his plan to spring Sheila from jail and spare her from a life in prison, Bold & Beautiful viewers can expect things to come to a head in courtroom scenes set to begin airing on Monday, January 9.

We already know that Joe Lando is returning as Judge McMullen to preside over the case, but now we also know who will be playing Sheila’s attorney — none other than Passions alum Rodney Van Johnson (T.C. Russell).
Rodney Van Johnson, James Hyde

Rodney Van Johnson and James Hyde on Passions set.

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Of course, there’s not a hope in h-e-double hockey sticks that Sheila’s going to walk free unless some pretty underhanded stuff goes down. Bill, of course, is blackmailing Steffy and Finn, who want the woman who shot them behind bars for the rest of her life. Bill has threatened to reveal that Steffy’s mother Taylor shot him years ago and send her to prison if they press charges against Sheila.

That leaves the married couple from Malibu in between a rock and a hard place… not to mention positively infuriated.

We’d expect a full courtroom of observers on the big day — Forresters, Logans, and others hoping to see Sheila get what’s coming to her once and for all — and they won’t be happy with anyone working to deny them the satisfaction of watching her be sentenced to life in prison… including her lawyer!

After taking on the role of the notorious madwoman’s attorney on Bold & Beautiful, Van Johnson told SOD, “I was offered a chance to come and play in their sandbox, which is amazing!”

In addition to Passions, the soap vet has also appeared on Young & Restless as Trey Stark and on Port Charles as Sebastian duPres. He’ll debut on Bold & Beautiful on Monday, January 9.
Rodney Van Johnson

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