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A lot of The Bold and the Beautiful viewers have been left stunned beyond belief by the revelation that Bill has teamed up with Sheila — romantically no less — and is ready to turn Taylor in for shooting him in the back in 2018 if Steffy and Finn plan to press changes against his new psycho lady love.

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There are plenty of people who are going to take issue with Bill going to the dark side to be with Sheila but only one possible person (aside from maybe Deacon) will likely give a rat’s behind that Sheila has taken up with another man. Who, you ask?

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Ken Hanes will be making his way back to the CBS soap when Mike Guthrie reappears on Wednesday, January 4, as reported in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest. The last time we saw Mike was back in July when he appeared behind Li, who had been reunited with Finn, and knocked her out cold in order to free Sheila — who’d been shackled to the bed. Ironically, it had been Bill who appeared prior to that and helped contain Sheila while they waited for Baker to arrive. In the end, Baker turned up just as Mike helped Sheila escape.

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And the magazine also revealed that Sheila is once again arrested and will share a special moment with Deacon while behind bars. So, it’s very likely this is where we will see Mike come into play.

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