Ahead of her Wednesday, Dec. 21, comeback to The Bold and the Beautiful, Cassandra Creech shared to Instagram a photo that signified a change of heart for her character — or perhaps a change… to a heart specialist? Apparently, the doctor is now a cardiologist.

“A new kind of Grace,” as Creech put it, could be bad news for Katie, whose ticker has to be stressed to the max these days, what with former husband Bill driving both of them crazy in hopes of reuniting for the umpteenth time. On top of that, she’s trying to get a new romance with Carter off the ground.


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How ironic would it be if Grace wound up being the only doctor who could save the new lady in the life of the hunk she hate, hate, hated as a potential husband for daughter Paris! Or would she go so far as to… not save Katie?

“I don’t want to say Grace has a dark side, but there is a calculating and analytical side to her,” Creech told Soaps.com when she joined the show. “She’s a very big lover, but there is a part of her that can also be vindictive, especially to those who hurt anyone she loves.

“There’s always a conversation going on within her, whether to go with the easy route and simply retaliate immediately,” she added, “or to stand back and see how things play out… and then pounce.”

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“I wouldn’t hurt a fly!”

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In this case, a terrifying opportunity to strike back at Carter could present itself in the form of a health crisis for his new girlfriend. Though Grace swore an oath to heal, not harm, she could make an exception in this instance. As Creech teased, “You can’t have the light side without the dark. We all have that duality, and it’s certainly true with Grace.”

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