Hope Shocks Brooke on Bold and the Beautiful
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We never saw it coming, and neither did Hope! But in the October 27 episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, she discovered that a polarizing character from the past was back: Fauxpe, aka the mannequin in her likeness with which Thomas had such a complicated relationship.

At first, it was just business as usual at Forrester Creations. But then Hope looked behind the dressing screen in the design office to take a peek at a new dress. “Wait, Hope, no,” Thomas cried. But Hope didn’t wait and, as a result, got a gander at Fauxpe!


Annika Noelle (Mannequin)"The Bold and the Beautiful" SetCBS Television CityLos Angeles, Ca.09/24/20© Howard Wise/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 8397U.S.Airdate 11/10/20

“Credit where it’s due: The wavy hair is cute.”

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As you’d expect her to, Hope demanded to know what the dummy was doing there. Maybe someone brought it up so that he could design for his muse, Thomas suggested. He didn’t know. “I don’t understand why it wasn’t burned to the ground after the last time I saw it,” he said.

We don’t, either, considering that when Liam saw Thomas macking on Fauxpe, he mistook the mannequin for Hope, and ran off and got Steffy pregnant. “It reminds me of a painful, dark past,” Thomas told Hope. “I don’t want to remember that.”

Thomas shirtless B&B

“‘Smokin’-hot.’ No question.”

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Yet lately, Thomas has been acting like he vividly recalls it, obsessing over Hope anew, asking whether she finds his body hot or smokin’-hot, and once again using son Douglas to get closer to her.

Could the brain tumor that once turned Thomas ultra-creepy have grown back? So far, no one on the show is even contemplating that possibility. Brooke has been more fixated on the possibility of his obsession returning, like it was a rash that he never quite got rid of. Even Steffy seems concerned that maybe history is repeating itself.

But couldn’t there be a medical reason for Thomas’ behavior? While you contemplate the ramifications of Fauxpe’s return, catch up on all of the show’s latest comings and goings in our newly updated photo gallery.