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Let’s be honest: We’ve been worried about The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Deacon. After all, people who get caught up in Sheila’s schemes tend to have very, very bad things happen to them. Just ask Lance, the former neighbor whom she killed with a swarm of bees. (Yes, bees!)

We’ve been routinely calling Deacon out for letting the loon live with him, yet there she has remained, a major threat to not only his parole but his relationship with daughter Hope. Surely, this won’t end well, right?

Well, perhaps Deacon is smarter than we’ve been giving him credit for. Why do we say that? Because it looks like portrayer Sean Kanan has inked a deal which will keep him (and, presumably, his sexy alter ego) for quite some time.

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“I’m having a blast,” he told Daytime Confidential of his latest soap stint. “I just signed on for another two-year contract.”

And while we might be somewhat confounded by the Sheila/Deacon relationship, Kanan understands it perfectly, as does her portrayer, Kimberlin Brown. “[We] were talking about this, and a lot of people initially didn’t want Deacon to get involved with Sheila for very good reasons.” But a chat with one of the show’s producer/directors, Cindy Popp, helped him see things differently. She explained that if you can convince a viewer to like something they’d previously opposed, you’ve created a fan.

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“You kind of have to drag them across hot glass to get them there,” Kanan said, “but once you do, they’re committed. They’re in it. So I like that. I like that challenge. I like being paired with people you might not ostensibly think Deacon is going to be paired with.”

Taylor and Deacon talk BB

While Sheila seems like an unlikely long-term partner for Deacon, she’s far from the only potential love interest on the canvas. Like us, viewers loved his all-too-brief friendship/flirtation with Taylor. Might he be just the person to help heal her heart when Ridge hurts her yet again… and we’re all acknowledging that’s pretty much inevitable, right?

Still others wouldn’t mind seeing Deacon reunite with Hope’s mom, Brooke. Heck, Kanan could even return to sister-soap The Young and the Restless to try and woo Nikki, with whom he reconnected during recent crossover episodes.

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