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It’s been a long while since we’ve seen Aaron D. Spears on The Bold and the Beautiful but the actor is set to make a return as Bill’s former BBF and counsel Justin Barber beginning on Wednesday, October 19, as reported by Soap Opera Digest. However, due to the soap’s pre-emption on Thursday, October 13, he will likely start airing a day later on Thursday, October 20.

The last time we saw Justin was back in November of 2021. For those who need a refresher, Justin found himself in quite the mess after he had been caught holding Thomas hostage in the basement at Spencer Publications. After Thomas had shown Justin the video that proved Vinny committed suicide, which could have exonerated Bill and Liam from all charges surrounding Vinny’s death, Justin locked up the Forrester with the sole intent of keeping the truth a secret in order to take over Bill’s company.

justin locks thomas in a cage bb

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Justin felt degraded and under appreciated by Bill but his plan hit a snag when Hope uncovered Thomas as his prisoner and freed him from Justin’s cage. Though Thomas rushed to the police with the video to save Bill and Liam, he never reported Justin, who Bill banished from his life after learning how he really felt. And to avoid jail time, Justin offered up his loyalty to Ridge and vowed to help him take Bill down.

thomas tells hope liam didn't kill vinny bb

So, what’s going to bring Justin back this time? Well, Ridge had already given him two past assignments — one, to spy on Carter and Quinn and two, to get the goods on Deacon and Sheila — so could he have another one for him? Or maybe Justin will be the one to uncover the truth about Thomas and use it to get out from under his and Ridge’s thumb — or maybe he’ll defend him should he get busted for the crime. Or… will Justin somehow get back in Bill’s good graces?

In any case, we’re here for the drama ahead!

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