Kimberlin Brown, Alexes Pelzer BB
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) is one proud mama and revealed that her daughter Alexes Pelzer will once again be appearing on the CBS soap. “My baby girl rocking it yesterday!” Brown posted from behind the scenes at the show’s studio, along with three photos of Pelzer.

Pelzer, dressed in a long, white knit dress smiled for the camera as she held what appeared to be her character’s wardrobe.

Though it is unclear who she will be playing this time around, fans will recall that back in September Pelzer made her Bold & Beautiful debut and appeared as a patron at Il Giardino. Her character had been seated at the table between the bar and the table where Finn and Li had been having lunch.

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After Li had left, Deacon approached Finn, who again thanked him for saving his life but things took a turn when Deacon spotted Sheila standing next to the bar, holding his cell phone — the one he’d forgotten at home. And it wasn’t long before Finn noticed that Deacon’s mood suddenly shifted and he turned to face Sheila. However, Finn didn’t recognize the redhead as his bio mom.

kimberlin brown daughter bb

It’ll be interesting to see where Pelzer turns up in the current drama but in any case, having her back on the soap is a neat real-life-meets-reel-life twist!

We may know who Pelzer’s mom is but if you want to meet some of the real-life mothers of various soap stars you can view photos of them with their famous children in our linked galley.