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Credit: D Guignebourg/JPI

Well, a new winner was crowned for the 24th season of Big Brother, and we already know one big fan of the show and the contestant who came out on top: The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Krista Allen!

“Congratulations to Taylor MF Hale,” she exclaimed on Twitter. “Against all odds she did it as the first black female winner of Big Brother and AFP! This is such a sweet victory.”

She then went on to add, “Really hope I get to meet you. (Hint hint).”

Oh, trust us, we get the hint, and we didn’t even need the #BoldandBeautiful and #BB24 hashtags in there to help us!

Big Brother winners have a long history of making guest appearances on Bold & Beautiful, dating back to the reality game’s earliest days. Last year’s winner, Xavier Prather, stopped by to visit in October and, though there was a bit of a break in 2020 (gee, we wonder what was going on that year?), even 2019’s Celebrity Big Brother champion Tamar Braxton visited in the heady pre-pandemic days.

Allen, of course, added that “#TeamTaylor is my favorite Team.”

And, well, we should hope so! Amusingly enough, the actress actually had a decent chance of breaking that out even if Hale didn’t win, seeing as how Big Brother‘s runner up was Monte Taylor! Is anyone else starting to feel like a Taylor/Taylor meetup was just about written in the stars this year? 

So keep your eyes peeled for that collision of Taylors this fall, as we think it’s a pretty good bet Hale will be stopping by to visit Forrester. And all we can say is if she and Allen don’t cross paths, it would be nothing short of a tragedy!

Maybe Hayes will be able to try on some of Bold & Beautiful‘s most eye-popping fashions like those seen in our haute photo gallery.