Thomas and Brooke fight Bold and Beautiful
Credit: Image: Howard Wise/JPI

Viewers will be in for a bumpy ride next week on The Bold and the Beautiful when things heat up, not only between Brooke and Thomas but between Ridge and his wife as well! Soap Opera Digest is reporting that daytime alums Chi-Lan Lieu (General Hospital, Nina’s ex-assistant) and Steve Richard Harris (One Life to Live, Seth), along with newcomer Johnny Rosales, have been cast to play roles that will have an impact on the storyline.

So, what’s about to go down between Brooke and her stepson? As previewed in the Bold & Beautiful spoilers, Brooke and Thomas get into a heated argument, which we can bet has to do with him wanting Douglas to live with him or the fact that he and his sister Steffy believe that their mother is a better fit for their father. Whatever the case, Brooke becomes scared for her safety and later tells Ridge what happened between her and his son.

But wait… Brooke takes things a step further and calls in the authorities. Lieu and Rosales will turn up as CPS officers on Tuesday, September 27, and Wednesday, September 28, with Harris appearing as fellow CPS officer Walter Barnes on Thursday, September 29, and Friday, September 30.

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Ridge will strongly defend his son, having remembered that Brooke had threatened to call Child Protective Services in the past on Thomas. “Once someone says something like that you can’t get it out of your head,” stated Thorsten Kaye. Wanting to discuss the situation further, Ridge ends up calling Brooke and asking if there is anything more she wants to add about what happened, to which she replies, “No.”

Kaye explained that one always wants to believe those they love so when Brooke says “no” Ridge chooses to believe her. And you can imagine how Thomas will react to this… spoilers also reveal that he lashes out at his father for siding with Brooke — and having had enough of being emotionally whiplashed back and forth between his wife and his son, Ridge calls in a favor in order to get to the bottom of what really went down between Thomas and Brooke.

Until then, read why Ridge and Thomas are perfectly set up to turn over a new leaf this fall, as well as other soap characters who are due to make a change.