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“You will be missed!” 

It’s not all that unusual for characters on The Bold and the Beautiful to find themselves cooling their jets on the backburner after coming off a hot storyline. So we weren’t terribly concerned when, after stopping Carter from marrying Paris, Quinn and her lover weren’t seen all that often.

But we — and a lot of others — got nervous about Quinn’s future thanks to a warily-worded Instagram post from portrayer Rena Sofer.

“August 5, 2022, was a very big day for me,” the post read. “More to come…” And as you can see below, the accompanying picture featured several bouquets of flowers, as well as at least one message in which the person wrote, “Enjoy the next chapter of your life” and “you will be missed!”


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Not surprisingly, fans immediately began to freak out, wondering if “the next chapter” was a reference to her leaving the soap she’s called home for the past nine years. “Oh no,” wrote Kaitlin Swan, a crying emoji expressing her distress at the thought. “We already know what’s coming!”

It didn’t necessarily calm fans that co-stars such as Lawrence Victor (Carter), Ashley Jones (Bridget) and Annika Noelle (Hope) responded to Sofer’s tease with a whole lot of heart emojis. (“You’re making me nervous,” replied one of Sofer’s followers.)

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So far, the actress has not offered any further clarification which might tell us one way or the other if the post really was a reference to her future with the soap or perhaps something of a more personal nature.

Of course, Sofer has been playing Quinn since the summer of 2013, when she was introduced as Wyatt Fuller’s mom. Eventually, it was revealed that Wyatt was the result of a borderline sadomasochistic relationship she’d had with Bill Spencer. Upon learning she was pregnant, Bill had given Quinn money for an abortion, but she instead left town and raised their son on her own.

During Quinn’s first few years on the soap, she cooked up numerous schemes, usually designed to push Wyatt into Hope’s arms. When a series of bumps to the head left Liam with amnesia, Quinn hustled him off to a cabin in the woods where she convinced him they were a husband and wife named Adam and Eve.

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But as so often happens on soaps, the love of a good man — in this case, Eric Forrester — helped mellow Quinn. While she has never lost her love of a good scheme, she’s also managed to become a better person. And though her marriage to Eric eventually fell on hard times, she’s recently found happiness in the arms (and bed) of longtime Forrester COO, Carter Walton.

No official word as of yet from Bold & Beautiful, who have not responded to a request for comment.

As we wait to find out the true meaning behind Sofer’s post and what it means for Quinn’s future, join us in looking into the character’s (often-troubled) past!