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Trouble has a way of finding Deacon and if he doesn’t watch his step, he could be headed right back to where he came from — back in the slammer. In fact, next week he will be getting a visit from someone who could very well hold the fate of his future in his hands.

The Bold and the Beautiful has cast primetime actor Steven Christopher Parker to play Jordan, Deacon’s parole officer, as first reported by Soap Opera Digest. Viewers can expect him to check in with Deacon on Friday, August 19.

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Now, it’s not clear if this is simply a scheduled visit or if Deacon does something, like, say, break his parole, which in turn would set off a warning signal with the authorities. Let’s face it, he’s done worse in the past, including the very recent past when he hid Sheila from the authorities after Baker showed up to his broom closet at Il Giardino looking for the escaped convict. And given that Jordan appears the day after Deacon wakes up with a complete stranger, well, anything’s possible.

And now that Sanchez has alerted the Forresters and those close to them that Sheila apparently was eaten by a bear — and brought one of her toes as proof — could it be that Deacon helped his old pal fake her death?

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We’d like to think, given his mended relationship with Hope, that he wouldn’t go that far to help the mad woman — something he would have done in the past — but you know what they say… “a leopard never changes its spots,” and to be fair, Deacon should have turned Sheila over to the cops the second they arrived!

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Stay tuned!

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