Finn Steffy reunion B&B
Credit: Sean Smith/CBS

Bold & Beautiful’s “Sinn” fans have been waiting with bated breath for the reunion of Steffy and Finn since they found out he was alive and being nursed back to health by his adoptive mother, Li. Of course, it’s been a long and extremely bumpy road thanks to his real mother, the deranged Sheila, and her accomplice, Mike. When it all goes down, we’ve learned there will be a mysterious French woman involved…

If not for Sheila tracking down the address of the house where Li was holed up with Finn (we still don’t know how she managed to do that by the way), Steffy and Finn might well have been back together by now… or at least, Steffy might know he wasn’t dead and her tortured grief might have come to an end.

Instead, she’s been mourning the loss of her handsome husband to the degree that she was forced to check into a grief rehab for help to deal with the overwhelming feelings.

Steffy’s parents, Taylor and Ridge, jetted off to see for themselves once they got word of just how much their daughter was struggling and just touched down in Monaco. With their wi-fi on the fritz for the whole flight, they were unreachable and so, had no idea of the revelations going down at home.

In a nutshell, Finn got fed up with Sheila and gathered the strength to make a break for it, just as Bill arrived, having found the traumatized Li in an alley and eventually getting the whole story of Finn being alive and held captive by his mad mother.

Bill and Finn wasted no time getting to the Spencer jet and en route to Steffy. A cleaned-up and eager Finn tried to reach his lady love by phone, but got voicemail, and left her a sweet message that will undoubtedly knock her socks right off when she gets it.

That brings us to the big reunion in Monte Carlo, and the mysterious French woman. Cecile is with Steffy at the facility where she has been recovering, as sneak peek photos show the duo together at the scene where the lovers will joyously come together once again.

Steffy Cecile B&B

Steffy and Cecile.

Credit: Sean Smith/CBS

The role of Cecile will be played by Days of Our Lives alum Ayda Field, who played Angela Moroni from 2000 – 2001. Field, who is married to British pop star Robbie Williams, has a past connection with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood — they filmed in Istanbul together back in 2014 for E!’s Party On travel show.

Watch for Cecile to first appear on Bold & Beautiful on Monday August 1. And check out photos from the long-awaited “Sinn” reunion here.

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