Vincent Irizarry Dr Jordan Armstrong B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

There’s been plenty of walking wounded on Bold & Beautiful lately, whether it be emotional or physical, but a distinct shortage of doctors. Which is one of the reasons we shouldn’t be surprised that they’re bringing a new (old) physician back to the canvas now.

Bridget was in top form when she worked to save Steffy’s life in the hospital. She then got involved in Quinn’s scheme to keep tabs on Eric’s health and we all know how that turned out. No one would blame Bridget for doing a runner after getting an eyeful of her dear ol’ dad frolicking in bed with his ex-wife Donna Logan.

Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan, of course, is our other resident doctor, but is extremely indisposed at the moment — in fact, everyone believes him to be dead and gone! He won’t be seeing patients anytime soon, even if he does manage to escape the clutches of his deranged biological mom, the notorious Sheila Carter. His sole focus is on reuniting with Steffy and the kids.

World-renowned psychologist Taylor Hayes is always at the ready, and will undoubtedly be on call after numerous people have had to deal with maniac Sheila wreaking havoc, but the new (old) doctor in town that we’re referring to is a medical physician.

Dr. Jordan Armstrong. Name ring a bell? That’s because it’s not his first rodeo, or should we say, rotation, on the CBS soap opera.

Soap vet Vincent Irizarry is back on Bold & Beautiful to reprise the role he played back in August 2019 when Jordan treated a hospitalized Thomas following the cliff incident involving Brooke.

Irizarry, who recovered from emergency surgery in March of this year, will first appear on Monday, July 25.

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