Donna Eric B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Eric Forrester’s life has been a whirlwind of late, what with sneaking off to his secret pickleball affair with Donna Logan at the health club, being discovered by his wife Quinn and his daughter Bridget (awwkwaard!), and deciding to make a huge life change as a result.

Most of Eric’s family will be fine with the switcheroo if it makes him happy, and some of his loved ones (like Brooke) will be downright thrilled about him ending his marriage to Quinn. But a character we haven’t been seeing on a regular basis is set to make an appearance and we know she’ll have a reaction to Eric’s latest move!

No, it’s not Eric’s daughter Felicia Forrester, who loathed Donna, although that would have been interesting. Instead, just back from the knitting convention that kept her from missing Charlie’s turn as an officiant at Carter’s ill-fated wedding to Paris, we’ll be seeing none other than Pam Douglas as our beloved Alley Mills returns to Bold & Beautiful.

There was a time when Pam was off her meds and had Donna squarely in her sights… and it was a scary time indeed. If you don’t believe us, just look through this photo album to see the horrors Donna survived at Pam’s hands.

More recently, however, Pammy took a dislike to Quinn, who wouldn’t allow her to put Stephanie’s portrait back up over the fireplace and wed Charlie with her sister’s all-seeing eyes watching over them in the Forrester mansion.

At that point, Pam got pally-wally with Donna, who was working by her side in reception at Forrester Creations, and took to urging the blonde to try and rekindle the old flame with Eric so as to lure him away from Quinn. That storyline fizzled out, but the Douglas sister is sure to be on hand to celebrate that it finally came to fruition at long last.

What would be even more fun is if Pam were to stick around for the fireworks that we know are coming up between Quinn and Donna. Quinn is not going to be able to walk away from Donna cheating with her husband and simply say, “Bygones,” despite her happy reconciliation with Carter, which means there will be confrontations. Who better to be in the middle of a Donna/Quinn throwdown than Pam? We can think of no one.

Watch for Alley Mills to reappear on Bold & Beautiful on Wednesday, July 13.

Pam learned from the best. If you dare, look back on Bold & Beautiful’s Stephanie’s nastiest schemes of all time.