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Another one bites the dust on The Bold and the Beautiful. In Wednesday’s episode of the CBS soap, seemingly unstoppable psycho Sheila ran rival mom Li off the road to a fiery death, marking what sources say is the end of Naomi Matsuda’s run in the role.

Though the veteran of such primetime series as American Crime Story and All American had only been playing Finn’s adoptive mother since last summer, her Emmy-nominated stint on the show was a memorable one. In short order, Li married off son Finn to Steffy, then discovered at the reception that his biomom was the poster gal for murderous rage.

Jack, Li, Finn, Sheila B&B

“If it’s gotta be somebody, crazy lady, look at her — she is dressed to kill.”

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And that was just for starters. Li soon found out that her own husband Jack was Sheila’s babydaddy. And Sheila was still so far off her rocker, her butt was on the floor. In the madwoman’s attempt to make a widower of Finn, Sheila wound up shooting her own son.

Naomi Matsuda, Kimberlin Brown"The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 05/12/22 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 8794 U.S.Airdate 06/20/22

“But this is how I hug it out!”

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But wait, there’s more. While everyone mourned the fact that the doctor was the most permanent kind of out, Li secretly stole away with the body and was busily nursing Finn back to health when Sheila broke out of jail and learned that she hadn’t offed anyone.

Well, not lately, anyway.

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Needless to say, Li’s passing is sure to further complicate things for Sheila, who continues to insist with blood on her hands that she’s a changed woman. Good luck selling that one, lady! Catch up on all the latest comings and goings from Bold & Beautiful here and see who, with Li’s demise, remains on our list of suspects in the “Who Killed Sheila?” murder mystery that we’re sure is coming.