George Gray The Price is Right waiter B&B
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The drama has been elevated to say the least on Bold & Beautiful lately, what with Eric carrying on an affair with Donna (and Hope finding out!), Sheila escaping from prison and discovering Finn is alive (and knocking out his adoptive mother!) and Carter verging on a huge decision as he faces a crossroads in his life. As it turns out, the heat is only going to be turned up as we move forward, and getting to play a part in the fun will be The Price is Right’s George Gray, who couldn’t be happier and “got a super big kick out of it.”

Gray, who has appeared on Young & Restless in the past, has been recruited to play the role of a waiter on Bold & Beautiful, and told Soap Opera Digest, “It was like going back to my roots,” recalling he worked at a Red Robin while attending the University of Arizona.

So, will he be hefting trays full of non-alcoholic champagne and rubbing elbows with the likes of Deacon Sharpe at Il Giardino? As it turns out, no. He’ll instead be appearing as a staff member at a location that’s been seeing a lot of, erm, action lately — the health club.

Unsurprisingly — spoiler alert! — he gets himself into a bit of a sticky situation when Quinn comes in with Bridget and he inadvertently reveals some information that comes as a huge surprise to Eric’s wife. This leads to more questioning, and George’s character will definitely be squirming whilst on the hot seat and thinking, “Here’s your iced tea. Please don’t put me in the middle of all this drama.”

Bold & Beautiful spoilers indicate that Quinn will catch Eric with Donna at the health club, so that’s where it’s all headed. As for how it all plays out with our hapless waiter, Quinn and Bridget — who is lunching with her stepmother at the time — you’ll have to tune in for all the fun and drama…

Fine, we’ll give you another tidbit. Watch for the waiter to reveal that the pickleball courts haven’t been open lately… and (under duress) that Eric has a private bungalow. What a juicy part for Gray to get to play — that waiter had better hope that Quinn doesn’t shoot the messenger!

The episode is slated to air Friday June 24, but that could change if there are pre-emptions due to CBS news coverage of the January 6 hearings.

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