Sheila jail bb
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

Fans watching The Bold and the Beautiful on Thursday, June 9, saw a face from the past — Sheila’s old pal Mike Guthrie, which means Ken Hanes is back in action, this time with Mike working as a guard in the local jail where Shelia’s being held. The actor first appeared in the role back in 1993 and turned up on and off until 2010. And now… he’s back, which can only mean things could be looking up for Sheila — and looking down for the Forresters and Li.

Mike jail guard B&B

After Li paid Sheila a visit and taunted her by vowing to make sure that she pays for what she did to Finn, she almost slipped up by saying what a good man Finn is. Sheila called her out on the slip of the tongue but Li covered then made her exit. That’s when Mike appeared to take Sheila away.

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Sheila couldn’t hide the smile on her face at seeing her old friend and given the schemes they teamed up on in the past, Mike could very well be Sheila’s get out of jail free card if she can convince him to work with her again. And we can bet that if Sheila breaks out of jail she won’t ride off into the sunset… oh no, she’ll stay right in Los Angeles and seek revenge on the Forresters and Li…

Stay tuned!

While we wait to see what happens next, take a look at a photo gallery filled with highlights from Sheila’s life in Los Angeles and Genoa City.