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Ever since The Young and the Restless raised Diane Jenkins from the grave and revealed that Deacon Sharpe had helped her fake her death, fans have naturally wondered whether the reformed bad boy would be recalled to Genoa City. He does, after all, have some ‘splainin’ to do!

But is it going to happen? Sean Kanan’s soap-hopping alter ego is currently up to his ears in storyline on sister soap The Bold and the Beautiful, where Hope Logan’s Daddy Dearest is trying to make amends for his past transgressions, pursuing her suddenly single mom Brooke and, at the same time, acting as a support system to a fellow crossover character, murderous Sheila Carter.

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Sheila sob Deacon B&B

As you can see, Sheila reacted poorly to talk of Deacon leaving L.A.

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When a fan tweeted the actor, asking him point blank whether the rumors of a Young & Restless return for Deacon were true, his response said it all. “That’s news to me,” he wrote back.

Of course, that’s not to say that Deacon couldn’t wind up in Genoa City again at some point. Though Diane now looks like Susan Walters again instead of General Hospital star Maura West (Ava), the characters do have history. Deacon also has a past with both Nikki Newman and daughter Victoria — whether they’d like to remember it or not! — and Phyllis Summers.

victoria shocked

“You didn’t? Oh my God, you did! Me, too!”

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The guy got around!

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