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It’s been 8 months since The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Sheila stunned us all when she snuck back onto our screens and declared herself Finn’s long-lost mother. She made a stab (pardon the pun) at the straight and narrow for a bit, and it seemed like she might be rehabilitated just enough to stick around for a bit. But then her worse nature took over and one dead son and amnesiac daughter-in-law later, we have to wonder just how long she can hold on.

It certainly doesn’t seem like she can possibly stick around, but according to Kimberlin Brown herself, though, it could be for a little while! The actress took to Instagram to answer some fan questions in stories, and one of the most asked ones was how long she’d be sticking around. The actress couldn’t say, of course, but when asked if she was leaving, she replied that “I certainly hope not. I honestly don’t know where the storyline is going, but it should be exciting!”

Though when asked if she was still shooting, Brown demurred and acknowledged she couldn’t say, she did say that she’s on contract and “signed a long-term deal. But our contracts are written so that the show has an option on us — I believe — every three to six months.”

Sheila’s not all bad, is she? There could still be a future for her! So long as Steffy keeps her mouth shut…

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If Steffy’s amnesia isn’t going anywhere for a while, it certainly seems like Sheila will just keep right on getting away with murder and becoming besties with Taylor. And Steffy doesn’t remember before Jacqueline MacInnes Wood goes out on maternity leave, there’s no reason good chance the show could keep renewing their option on Brown for some time!

“Hopefully I’ll be on the The Bold and the Beautiful for a long time to come,” the actress continued when answering another fan’s question. “If they put me on a back burner for a while due to circumstances, I’d love to stay within the CBS family.”

So even if Sheila is eventually shipped off to jail (a question to which Brown replied, “You never know.”) it could be no more of an inconvenience than it was to folks like Bill or Liam. The show could just put her on the back burner for a bit before bringing her back to stick around and keep her on contract!

Sheila is, after all, a villain you can’t keep down for long. Just check out our gallery of her many, many crimes and resurrections over the years to see what we mean.