Ashley Jones cultivates community for women
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Both Brooke and viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful got an unexpected surprise when Bridget revealed that she was back in Los Angeles. In a phone call with her mom, Ashley Jones’ much-loved alter ego revealed that she was “working out of University Hospital for a while to help with restructuring and shortages.”

Their brief call was interrupted when Bridget was paged over the hospital’s loudspeaker, but the two women promised to connect soon.

Of course, viewers pretty immediately realized that Bridget’s visit likely had less to do with checking on Brooke that the major twist that the show’s been teasing for weeks. Even as the doc and her mom were chatting, Steffy was in an alley being verbally and physically threatened by a slowly unraveling Sheila.

If one of our major players winds up in the hospital fighting for their lives, they (and we) will probably be comforted by the presence of a familiar face.

Above: Will the Logan girls get to reunite again?

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Jones has played Eric and Brooke’s daughter on and off since 2004, when she assumed the role from Jennifer Finnigan. “I love Bridget more than any other character I’ve ever played,” the actress told us during a chat last year. “There’s something so special about her. So any time I’m given the chance to slip back into her lab coat, I happily do it.”

Longtime viewers will recall that Bridget was married to Deacon when his affair with Brooke resulted in Hope’s conception. So far, there’s been no indication as to whether or not Bridget knows about the drama that’s been unfolding ever since Deacon and Brooke’s New Year’s Eve kiss, but we’re hoping the topic comes up… if only to see how the usually calm doctor reacts!

Meanwhile, look for things to go a little bit crazy over the next few days as a twist that’s been touted as being the kind of game changer which will forever alter the show’s forward trajectory unfolds.

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