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Although characters on The Bold and the Beautiful have their finger on the pulse of all things fashion, they’ve never really gotten behind that whole “long engagement” trend. More often than not, once a couple gets it into their head that they’re made for each other, the engage in a mad dash to the altar — or at least Eric’s living room.

The same can not, however, be said for Pam Douglas and Charlie Webber. Viewers will recall that the pair were brought together by their jobs at Forrester Creations, where she shares secretarial duties with Donna and he heads up the security team. Love eventually bloomed between them, and plans were made for a wedding… until a battle broke out between the would-be bride and Quinn. During the resulting melee, Stephanie’s portrait was damaged, insults were hurled and — for reasons we never quite understood — Pam ultimately ended her engagement to Charlie.

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Since that time, Charlie and Pam’s romance — and, largely, the characters — have been backburnered. But on Friday, October 22nd, Alley Mills and Dick Christie bring the lemon bar baker and her uniform-wearing beau back to the canvas. Call us romantics, but we can’t help hoping that perhaps this means they’re derailed engagement will get back on track and wedding talk will resume. (Sure, Quinn still rules the roost at the Forrester mansion, but we hear there are other places in the greater Los Angeles area at which people are allowed to pledge their devotion to one another.)

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Then again, their appearance — which continues on Monday, October 25th — could serve another purpose. It’s worth recalling that the last time Sheila stirred up trouble, she forced Charlie to do her bidding. And given Pam’s never-ending disdain for Quinn, whom she’ll never think good enough to fill the matriarch position formerly occupied by her late sister, we can always hope the women might once again do battle.

Meanwhile, join us in wishing Christie happy birthday, as he’ll mark the special occasion on Thursday, October 21. Then swing by the gallery below in which we look at character who were supposed to be The Next Big Thing… but instead wound up proving so unpopular they were soon pointed toward the exit.