Joe LoCicero exits B&B as Vinny
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The Bold and the Beautiful has been teasing a major murder mystery for weeks and though what happened in the Monday April 5 episode was more of an accident, the victim was very clear. By the end of Tuesday’s show, it was revealed that Vinny Walker had died. Therefore, Joe LoCicero is exiting the CBS soap opera.

Vinny and Thomas face to face Bold and Beautiful

LoCicero first came on the scene in 2019 as a friend of Thomas Forrester’s during the whole baby switch debacle. When news reached Hope and Liam that their baby was alive, and had been sold to Steffy by Dr. Reese Buckingham, Thomas — who had known — hid out in his buddy’s apartment.

Thomas shares plan with Vinny Bold and Beautiful

Watching how much his friend craved to be with Hope, Vinny was always there for Thomas and pushed him to fight for her no matter what the cost. Some would say Vinny was a loyal friend, but at times he was very toxic. Vinny was known to dabble in drugs and even slipped a few inside of a care package that Thomas delivered to Steffy, during a time when she became addicted to painkillers.

Thomas, Vinny design office Bold and Beautiful

Vinny supported Thomas during another hard time when he began to hallucinate that a Hope look-alike mannequin at Forrester was real. After he was spotted kissing the mannequin, by Liam, who thought he’d been kissing his wife, Hope, things spun out of control. Liam slept with Steffy, who became pregnant, and a paternity test proved the baby was Liam’s — not her boyfriend Finn’s.

Thomas, Vinny grill B&B

However, Thomas, who had suffered a brain bleed, which had caused his crazy actions, began to suspect Vinny wasn’t an innocent party in his family’s latest drama. You see, Vinny worked at the lab where the test was performed and admitted to Thomas — and Finn — that he’d tampered with the results to make it look as though Liam was the baby’s father. This way, Thomas could have a shot with Hope.

bill and liam driving car murder mystery bb

Following the mess, Vinny was released on bail, which infuriated many, including Bill and Liam. As we live blogged yesterday, after a promising meeting with Hope, Liam left the cabin with Bill, who had spent some time talking to Brooke at the main house, and ended up behind the wheel of his father’s car. Since Bill drank some tequila, he was content to sit in the passenger’s seat and listen as Liam relayed his conversation with Hope.

bill, liam, vinny, hit murder mystery bb

However, they stopped abruptly after a sudden thump and realized they’d hit something. That’s when Liam and Bill ran outside and found Vinny lying in the road. Though he took a few breaths, he soon died right there and then.

vinny hit by liam car murder mystery bb

So, was it really Bill and Liam who killed Vinny? Or had he already been on death’s door, considering he was pretty beaten up, which could’ve been caused by the hit — or by a beating from someone else… (Hey, that could lead us to the murder mystery we were promised!)

While we sit back and watch this murder mystery unfold, take a look at our photo gallery of the latest B&B comings and goings.

— Amy Mistretta