Ashley Jones cultivates community for women
Credit: Stephanie Day/Ographr

One of the most beloved members of the Forrester family will be coming home when Ashley Jones’ Bridget swings by for a visit. Soap Opera Digest reports that Eric and Brooke’s daughter will appear the week of February 8.

“Anytime Bold & Beautiful asks, I’ll always return,” admitted Jones when we spoke with her recently. “Bridget holds a special place in my heart, as does the show.”

Although she did not create the role, Jones has inhabited it the longest. “Bridget existed way before I came into the fold, and she for a long time was the moral compass of the show,” says Jones. “She had this heart of gold and people knew that if Bridget didn’t like something, there was something wrong with it.

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“Agnes Bruckner and Jennifer Finnigan established the character who was so loved, which made it very difficult for me to come in,” she laughs. “But somehow I was able to get the audience to accept and trust me.”

What’s given the character such longevity? “She did some things that were questionable, but the reason the audience was drawn to Bridget is that over time, she became more like her mother,” muses Jones. “People don’t always like the decisions Brooke and Bridget make, as individuals, but they understand that these are women who follow their heart.”

When Jones last appeared in November of last year, Bridget called from New York City, where she’s currently practicing medicine and co-parenting son Logan with his father, Owen Knight. This time, however, Bridget will be able to catch up with her mom in person.

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How, you might wonder, can the two women can have such a good relationship given that Brooke slept with and got pregnant by Deacon while he was married to Bridget? “You get to a certain age when you start seeing things differently,” Jones explains. “When you’re younger, you say to yourself, ‘I would never treat my child that way.’ And then one day, you treat your child that way and suddenly, you understand that parents are human, too. We all make mistakes.”

After a moment, she adds with a laugh, “OK, maybe some of Brooke’s mistakes were bigger than those of your average mom, but Bridget made a few pretty big whoppers herself!”

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