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ted king to bb as jack Finnegan

Last month, reported that Finn’s parents were on their way to Los Angeles to meet their soon-to-be grandson. Now that baby Hayes is here, we can confirm that daytime veteran Ted King will make his The Bold and the Beautiful debut as Finn’s father Jack Finnegan on Friday, July 30, as reported by Soap Opera Digest.

King is no stranger to daytime, having had roles on One Life to Live, General Hospital, Loving, The City and Another World, and will surely be an added bonus among the Bold & Beautiful cast. Though it’s unknown how long he’ll appear on the canvas, Entertainment Weekly first teased that viewers will learn about Finn’s parents extremely dramatic backstory.

steffy gives birth to finn's baby bb

For now, Finn and Steffy have been enjoying their new little boy, Hayes Forrester Finnegan — and have already had their fair share of drama surrounding Liam’s incarceration and all of the events leading up to it. Finn recently made it very clear that he didn’t want to wait a moment longer and presented his fiancée with wedding rings — and a proposal to get married as soon as possible.

bold beautiful steffy visits liam screenshot

Hopefully they will have a little more time to bask in their happiness before a bomb is dropped surrounding Finn’s parents and the past they shared. Expect to see Finn’s mom Li, played by Days of our Lives alum Naomi Matsuda (ex-Tori Narita), arrive shortly after Jack on Monday, August 2.

Until we wait for the next shoe to drop, take a walk back in time with us through our gallery featuring photos of Finn and Steffy’s romance.

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Kiara Barnes exit B&B

It’s time to say goodbye… Singer and actress Kiara Barnes’ last scenes on the Bold & Beautiful will soon air on the heels of a scandalous secret coming to light that will undoubtedly leave her character, Zoe Buckingham, broken-hearted.

News broke in April that Barnes was leaving her soap role for primetime after being cast as a series regular in FOX’s Fantasy Island reboot, and her alter-ego’s exit storyline has been building onscreen ever since.

After joining the soap in 2018 as an obsessive young woman who followed her love interest, Xander Avant, across the pond, (and who spent an inordinate amount of time talking to her cat), Barnes’ character dropped her British accent and joined the ranks of the legendary Forrester models. Zoe painted a mural in Wyatt’s beach house and became embroiled in a love triangle before becoming entangled in the year-long Baby Beth saga. Amazingly, after keeping the secret that her father had sold Hope Logan’s baby, when the truth came out, Zoe was redeemed and accepted back into the fold at Forrester Creations.

After a failed engagement to Thomas Forrester, Zoe bounced back to fall for “Forrester adjacent” Carter Walton after he snagged a promotion to company COO. But Zoe was dazzled by smooth designer Zende Forrester when he returned to Los Angeles, and the grass began to look greener at the Forrester manse, a miscalculation which ended her engagement to Carter. The pair have reconciled, but now he’s keeping a secret that will devastate Zoe. The dramatic reveal is set to explode sooner rather than later, and while it may not be the killer send-off we envisioned, it will almost certainly be the catalyst for Zoe’s exit.

We’ve loved having Kiara Barnes in daytime, but her last appearance will come on Tuesday, July 6, as confirmed by Soap Opera Digest. Be sure to watch’s upcoming Bold & Beautiful spoilers for storyline teasers as the date approaches. In the meantime, look back on some of B&B’s most memorable rivalries as seen in photos.

– Candace Young

Friday, June 25th, 2021

Joe LoCicero exits B&B as Vinny

Although Vinny was run down and left for dead, portrayer Joe LoCicero will be making another appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful next week. And while we’re pretty sure the drug-dearler-turned-lab-tech isn’t about to rise from the grave — that’s not really this soap’s style — expect what happens next week to set in motion some very big events for several characters.

Of course, you’ll recall that Poor, Dead Vinny earned that nickname after being plowed down by Liam, who was driving dad Bill’s car. In the moments that followed, both Spencer men acted in exactly the way you’d expect: Liam fainted and Bill — as Hope loves to say — turned what was an accident into a crime by leaving the scene and destroying evidence. Now, Bill and his son are languishing behind bars, Hope is being encouraged to lean on Thomas (!) of all people and Vinny has been all-but sainted by folks happy to forget some of his more unpleasant behaviors.

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According to the latest Bold & Beautiful spoilers, Thomas makes a discovery on Monday, June 21, involving texts sent by his late, lamented best friend. Look for these revealing missives to put Thomas on a collision course with danger as Justin takes matters into his own hands. Anyone else wondering if perhaps Bill’s lawyer might finally get a bit of revenge against Thomas for that whole ran-Emma-off-the-road-and-left-her-to-die incident?

Either way, we know we won’t be alone in celebrating Vinny’s return to Bold & Beautiful, if only for a day. Upon his departure, LoCicero told Soap Opera Digest that his wife Gina Rodriguez — who once played Beverlee on the show — was bummed to see him exit. No, not because they’d be losing an income, but because, as he explained, “we really enjoyed watching it together.”

While we wait to see not only Vinny’s return but the reportedly crazy twists about to hit the show, why now check out this gallery in which we look back at the best and worst of 2021… so far!

Friday, June 18th, 2021

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood return B&B

By the time viewers were watching the end of the dramatic ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ storyline surrounding Steffy’s pregnancy, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood had exited The Bold and the Beautiful. The expectant mom gave birth to her second baby boy, Lenix and began her maternity leave. But we have great news, for Wood’s Steffy to reappear on Monday, May 31!

Due to the actress having taped ahead, Steffy’s onscreen absence seemed shorter than Jacqui’s actual time off, but her fans began missing her as soon as her alter-ego’s last scenes aired. She left on a high note, with her character’s life back in order as Finn was revealed as the father of her unborn child after the paternity results were switched to make it look like Liam was the dad. Finn stopped Steffy from hopping a plane to Paris, proposed, gave her the good news about the baby, and then proposed again. In their final scenes, Finn and Steffy updated her daughter Kelly on their big news. Currently, Steffy and Kelly are overseas while Finn remains in Los Angeles working.

Bold & Beautiful viewers have been anxiously anticipating word on when Steffy might return to plan her dream wedding to Finn. In April, Jacqui took to her Instagram story, where she was seated in a car in a denim jacket to tease, “Guess who’s back to Bold & Beautiful? This girl!”

The popular actress has clearly been enjoying time off with her husband Ethan Ruspoli and her two sons, Rise and Lenix, and recently celebrated her birthday while stunning in a teeny bikini in Miami just shy of two months after giving birth. And yet, she seemed just as excited to be returning to her home away from home at CBS studios.

During Jacqui’s time off, fans let us know what they wanted to see happen in Steffy and Finn’s upcoming storyline, and it won’t be long before they find out just what the future will bring for the lovebirds. In the meantime, if you missed it, check out Jacqueline Wood’s hottest red carpet looks and find out how we ranked them.

– Candace Young

Friday, May 21st, 2021

Aaron D. Spears, Justin B&B

Aaron D. Spears is heading back to The Bold and the Beautiful as Justin Barber. The actor shared photos from outside the CBS Studios, as well as behind-the-scenes with fellow castmates Don Diamont (Bill) and Darin Brooks (Wyatt), and announced, “It’s about that time! Appreciate all the love and support!”

Fans will recall that back in January 2020, Spears had been taken off contract at the CBS soap and was last seen in October 2020. However, now is a good time to bring the character back, considering all that’s been going on in Justin’s circle these days. Bill Spencer is trying to keep his son Liam in check to hide one whopper of a secret — that they were involved in the hit and run that killed Vinny. Now that Bill’s confidant and business associate is about to reappear in Los Angeles, will he fill Justin in on what’s really been going down?

bill protect his family bb

Earlier this month, via phone, Justin had questioned Bill’s decision to have him arrange to sell his prized car to a Middle East buyer — the same car he and Liam were in on the night of the fatal hit and run. Bill has always trusted Justin with his secrets, and Justin has remained loyal to Bill, so it’s likely he will soon be privy to all of the details as to why Liam is acting like a walking nightmare.

While we await Justin’s arrival, take a look back at some of the recent The Bold and the Beautiful casting news by viewing our gallery of actor photos to find out who is coming and who is going.

— Amy Mistretta

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Kiara Barnes exit B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kiara Barnes has been cast a series regular in primetime. The actress and singer, who has been playing the role of troubled model Zoe Buckingham since 2018, has landed a lead role on Fantasy Island, Fox’s reboot of the classic Ricardo Montalban series that ran from the late 1970s until 1984.

Barnes has been tapped to play Ruby Okoro, one of the three main characters who live and work on Fantasy Island, and welcome the guests who come and go. Ruby, who arrives on the island suffering from a terminal illness but is given a new lease on life, is described as a “young woman with an old soul,” per our sister publication, Deadline.

So what does this mean for Bold & Beautiful’s Zoe Buckingham? While there’s no word yet on whether or not the role will be recast, Kiara is definitely leaving the CBS sudser. She is set to finish her last year playing the troubled model and will be wrapping up production on the soap very soon, though she’ll continue to be seen until the first week of July.

Headwriter and executive producer, Bradley Bell, said of Barnes, “It’s been a pleasure having Kiara in the role of Zoe Buckingham on The Bold and the Beautiful. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”

Zoe was introduced as a rather unhinged British character who was stalking her ex-boyfriend, Xander Avant, but along the way she lost her accent and became more of a mainstream character… though no less caught up in drama. After keeping the terrible secret that Baby Beth was alive in order to protect her father, Zoe was redeemed and suffered a heartbreak of her own courtesy of Thomas Forrester.

Currently, Zoe is consumed with trying to win back the affections of her ex-fiance, Carter Walton, so we have to wonder now if she will be unsuccessful… or if any progress she makes will once again be derailed as it was when they first became engaged and she ruined things by flirting with Zende Forrester.

Whatever happens with Zoe, we here at wish Kiara all the best in her new primetime role! See the striking new look she adopted on her way to her next gig — she cut her hair super short! — and check out a rundown of all of Bold & Beautiful‘s comings and goings, including hers, in the casting photo gallery.

– Candace Young

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Joe LoCicero exits B&B as Vinny

The Bold and the Beautiful has been teasing a major murder mystery for weeks and though what happened in the Monday April 5 episode was more of an accident, the victim was very clear. By the end of Tuesday’s show, it was revealed that Vinny Walker had died. Therefore, Joe LoCicero is exiting the CBS soap opera.

Vinny and Thomas face to face Bold and Beautiful

LoCicero first came on the scene in 2019 as a friend of Thomas Forrester’s during the whole baby switch debacle. When news reached Hope and Liam that their baby was alive, and had been sold to Steffy by Dr. Reese Buckingham, Thomas — who had known — hid out in his buddy’s apartment.

Thomas shares plan with Vinny Bold and Beautiful

Watching how much his friend craved to be with Hope, Vinny was always there for Thomas and pushed him to fight for her no matter what the cost. Some would say Vinny was a loyal friend, but at times he was very toxic. Vinny was known to dabble in drugs and even slipped a few inside of a care package that Thomas delivered to Steffy, during a time when she became addicted to painkillers.

Thomas, Vinny design office Bold and Beautiful

Vinny supported Thomas during another hard time when he began to hallucinate that a Hope look-alike mannequin at Forrester was real. After he was spotted kissing the mannequin, by Liam, who thought he’d been kissing his wife, Hope, things spun out of control. Liam slept with Steffy, who became pregnant, and a paternity test proved the baby was Liam’s — not her boyfriend Finn’s.

Thomas, Vinny grill B&B

However, Thomas, who had suffered a brain bleed, which had caused his crazy actions, began to suspect Vinny wasn’t an innocent party in his family’s latest drama. You see, Vinny worked at the lab where the test was performed and admitted to Thomas — and Finn — that he’d tampered with the results to make it look as though Liam was the baby’s father. This way, Thomas could have a shot with Hope.

bill and liam driving car murder mystery bb

Following the mess, Vinny was released on bail, which infuriated many, including Bill and Liam. As we live blogged yesterday, after a promising meeting with Hope, Liam left the cabin with Bill, who had spent some time talking to Brooke at the main house, and ended up behind the wheel of his father’s car. Since Bill drank some tequila, he was content to sit in the passenger’s seat and listen as Liam relayed his conversation with Hope.

bill, liam, vinny, hit murder mystery bb

However, they stopped abruptly after a sudden thump and realized they’d hit something. That’s when Liam and Bill ran outside and found Vinny lying in the road. Though he took a few breaths, he soon died right there and then.

vinny hit by liam car murder mystery bb

So, was it really Bill and Liam who killed Vinny? Or had he already been on death’s door, considering he was pretty beaten up, which could’ve been caused by the hit — or by a beating from someone else… (Hey, that could lead us to the murder mystery we were promised!)

While we sit back and watch this murder mystery unfold, take a look at our photo gallery of the latest B&B comings and goings.

— Amy Mistretta

Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

Kelly Kruger Brooks return B&B

Actress Kelly Kruger Brooks took to social media to alert her followers that she will once again return to her role on Bold & Beautiful. She revealed, “Eva is heading back to LA!” Kruger Brooks, who is also known for her role as The Young and the Restless’ Mackenzie Browning, where she last appeared in January 2019, was on set preparing for her comeback as the glamorous Forrester International publicist, and shared a couple of behind-the-scenes shots from her real-life husband’s dressing room. Brooks, of course, is married to Bold & Beautiful’s Darin Brooks, who plays Wyatt Spencer, and the two are parents to an adorable one-year-old daughter, Everleigh. The actress’ last appearance as Eva was on November 2, 2020 on the same day Zoe Buckingham’s sister, Paris, turned up unannounced at Forrester Creations.

In her post, Kruger Brooks shared a before selfie in front of the mirror and explained, “We do our own hair and makeup for safety reasons now hence the mess of a makeup counter,” and joked, “Don’t tell Darin how much I mess up his dressing room when he’s not there.” The talented actress, who does make-up tutorials when not acting, then showed off the results of her efforts in a second photo. Glam indeed!

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Though we can’t yet reveal who Kruger Brooks will be sharing scenes with, or whether or not Eva will cross paths with Wyatt and catch his eye, it stands to reason that if the Forrester International publicist is making a trip to Los Angeles a major campaign must be in the works for the near future. Watch for Eva to appear in scenes that are scheduled to air during the week of February 15, and keep in mind that air dates change due to news coverage.

See a gallery of Kelly and Darin in Everleigh’s nursery.

– Candace Young

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

Ashley Jones cultivates community for women

One of the most beloved members of the Forrester family will be coming home when Ashley Jones’ Bridget swings by for a visit. Soap Opera Digest reports that Eric and Brooke’s daughter will appear the week of February 8.

“Anytime Bold & Beautiful asks, I’ll always return,” admitted Jones when we spoke with her recently. “Bridget holds a special place in my heart, as does the show.”

Although she did not create the role, Jones has inhabited it the longest. “Bridget existed way before I came into the fold, and she for a long time was the moral compass of the show,” says Jones. “She had this heart of gold and people knew that if Bridget didn’t like something, there was something wrong with it.

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“Agnes Bruckner and Jennifer Finnigan established the character who was so loved, which made it very difficult for me to come in,” she laughs. “But somehow I was able to get the audience to accept and trust me.”

What’s given the character such longevity? “She did some things that were questionable, but the reason the audience was drawn to Bridget is that over time, she became more like her mother,” muses Jones. “People don’t always like the decisions Brooke and Bridget make, as individuals, but they understand that these are women who follow their heart.”

When Jones last appeared in November of last year, Bridget called from New York City, where she’s currently practicing medicine and co-parenting son Logan with his father, Owen Knight. This time, however, Bridget will be able to catch up with her mom in person.

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How, you might wonder, can the two women can have such a good relationship given that Brooke slept with and got pregnant by Deacon while he was married to Bridget? “You get to a certain age when you start seeing things differently,” Jones explains. “When you’re younger, you say to yourself, ‘I would never treat my child that way.’ And then one day, you treat your child that way and suddenly, you understand that parents are human, too. We all make mistakes.”

After a moment, she adds with a laugh, “OK, maybe some of Brooke’s mistakes were bigger than those of your average mom, but Bridget made a few pretty big whoppers herself!”

While we wait to see what brings Bridget back to Los Angeles this time, why not peruse this photo gallery in which we discuss the various Bold & Beautiful characters we’d love to have back on the canvas. And yes, you’ll definitely find Bridget’s name on that list.

Thursday, January 28th, 2021

Henry Joseph Samiri returns as Douglas Forrester B&B

It’s been a few months since we last saw Douglas Forrester on screen but that’s about to change next week! Henry Joseph Samiri will resume his role as the biological son of Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan Spencer (via adoption) beginning on November 17th on The Bold and the Beautiful. Given that Douglas’ father is currently having off-the-wall conversations — and dinner — with a mannequin that looks just like his mother, things could turn dark really quick and we just hope, no pun intended, that Douglas doesn’t get caught in the crossfire.

Samiri has only played the role since 2019, but here’s a gallery of other soap stars who have aged before our eyes over the years.

– Amy Mistretta

Friday, November 13th, 2020


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