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Kelly Kruger Brooks return B&B

Actress Kelly Kruger Brooks took to social media to alert her followers that she will once again return to her role on Bold & Beautiful. She revealed, “Eva is heading back to LA!” Kruger Brooks, who is also known for her role as The Young and the Restless’ Mackenzie Browning, where she last appeared in January 2019, was on set preparing for her comeback as the glamorous Forrester International publicist, and shared a couple of behind-the-scenes shots from her real-life husband’s dressing room. Brooks, of course, is married to Bold & Beautiful’s Darin Brooks, who plays Wyatt Spencer, and the two are parents to an adorable one-year-old daughter, Everleigh. The actress’ last appearance as Eva was on November 2, 2020 on the same day Zoe Buckingham’s sister, Paris, turned up unannounced at Forrester Creations.

In her post, Kruger Brooks shared a before selfie in front of the mirror and explained, “We do our own hair and makeup for safety reasons now hence the mess of a makeup counter,” and joked, “Don’t tell Darin how much I mess up his dressing room when he’s not there.” The talented actress, who does make-up tutorials when not acting, then showed off the results of her efforts in a second photo. Glam indeed!

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Though we can’t yet reveal who Kruger Brooks will be sharing scenes with, or whether or not Eva will cross paths with Wyatt and catch his eye, it stands to reason that if the Forrester International publicist is making a trip to Los Angeles a major campaign must be in the works for the near future. Watch for Eva to appear in scenes that are scheduled to air during the week of February 15, and keep in mind that air dates change due to news coverage.

See a gallery of Kelly and Darin in Everleigh’s nursery.

– Candace Young

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

Ashley Jones cultivates community for women

One of the most beloved members of the Forrester family will be coming home when Ashley Jones’ Bridget swings by for a visit. Soap Opera Digest reports that Eric and Brooke’s daughter will appear the week of February 8.

“Anytime Bold & Beautiful asks, I’ll always return,” admitted Jones when we spoke with her recently. “Bridget holds a special place in my heart, as does the show.”

Although she did not create the role, Jones has inhabited it the longest. “Bridget existed way before I came into the fold, and she for a long time was the moral compass of the show,” says Jones. “She had this heart of gold and people knew that if Bridget didn’t like something, there was something wrong with it.

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“Agnes Bruckner and Jennifer Finnigan established the character who was so loved, which made it very difficult for me to come in,” she laughs. “But somehow I was able to get the audience to accept and trust me.”

What’s given the character such longevity? “She did some things that were questionable, but the reason the audience was drawn to Bridget is that over time, she became more like her mother,” muses Jones. “People don’t always like the decisions Brooke and Bridget make, as individuals, but they understand that these are women who follow their heart.”

When Jones last appeared in November of last year, Bridget called from New York City, where she’s currently practicing medicine and co-parenting son Logan with his father, Owen Knight. This time, however, Bridget will be able to catch up with her mom in person.

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How, you might wonder, can the two women can have such a good relationship given that Brooke slept with and got pregnant by Deacon while he was married to Bridget? “You get to a certain age when you start seeing things differently,” Jones explains. “When you’re younger, you say to yourself, ‘I would never treat my child that way.’ And then one day, you treat your child that way and suddenly, you understand that parents are human, too. We all make mistakes.”

After a moment, she adds with a laugh, “OK, maybe some of Brooke’s mistakes were bigger than those of your average mom, but Bridget made a few pretty big whoppers herself!”

While we wait to see what brings Bridget back to Los Angeles this time, why not peruse this photo gallery in which we discuss the various Bold & Beautiful characters we’d love to have back on the canvas. And yes, you’ll definitely find Bridget’s name on that list.

Thursday, January 28th, 2021

Henry Joseph Samiri returns as Douglas Forrester B&B

It’s been a few months since we last saw Douglas Forrester on screen but that’s about to change next week! Henry Joseph Samiri will resume his role as the biological son of Thomas Forrester and Hope Logan Spencer (via adoption) beginning on November 17th on The Bold and the Beautiful. Given that Douglas’ father is currently having off-the-wall conversations — and dinner — with a mannequin that looks just like his mother, things could turn dark really quick and we just hope, no pun intended, that Douglas doesn’t get caught in the crossfire.

Samiri has only played the role since 2019, but here’s a gallery of other soap stars who have aged before our eyes over the years.

– Amy Mistretta

Friday, November 13th, 2020

Big Brother's DaVonne Rogers guests as Starr on B&B

On Wednesday October 28, CBS’ Big Brother: All-Stars aired its finale, and though houseguest Da’Vonne Rogers didn’t take home the $500,000 prize, she did win America’s Favorite Houseguest, $25,000 — and another guest spot on The Bold and the Beautiful. She took to Twitter to announce her latest daytime guest appearance as Starr and stated, “Currently going over my script for @BandB_CBS!!! Be on the lookout for “STARR” I’m so excited.”

Back in 2016, Rogers appeared on the soap opera as a florist and will be taping scenes for the Monday, December 28 episode. Keep an eye out!

– Amy Mistretta

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

Ashley Jones cultivates community for women

Ashley Jones, who has played The Bold and the Beautiful’s Dr. Bridget Forrester since 2004, will be making another return this fall. She confirmed the news on Instagram and teased, “Do you think it’s to let you know Bridget’s alive and well or a preview for more to come?” Look for the longtime CBS soap actress to first appear on Monday November 2.

Jones was last seen on Bold & Beautiful in March and is also known for playing Parker Forsyth on General Hospital as well as Megan Dennison on The Young and the Restless. During the summer, Jones reflected on tough, dark times and continues to try to help others by sharing her emotional journey.

– Amy Mistretta

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

yr kelly kruger mac hw

Calling Eva the publicist! The Young and the Restless alum Kelly Kruger, who played Mackenzie Browning, will be making her way back to The Bold and the Beautiful as Eva, Forrester Creations’ international publicist. Earlier this year, we reported that Kruger had returned to work at the CBS Studios, but at the time it wasn’t clear whether or not it was for B&B or Y&R. The actress confirmed her return in a post today and expressed, “Perks of working on the same show as the hubs.”

Kruger, who happens to be the beautiful wife of co-star Darin Brooks (Wyatt), created the role in 2014 and last appeared in July 2017. Wonder if, as we predicted a while ago (just sayin’), Eva will wind up stealing away Wyatt from Flo. “Maybe [he] should be her type after all,” teased Kruger. Stay tuned for her first airdate on Monday, November 2. While we wait, take a photo tour of the couple’s home, featuring the adorable baby nursery for the couple’s daughter, Everleigh Jolie.

– Amy Mistretta

Monday, October 26th, 2020

obba from bold and beautiful

Get ready for a member of the Avant family to return to The Bold and the Beautiful. A B&B rep has confirmed to that Obba Babatundé will turn up in the Friday October 23 episode as Julius Avant, father of Nicole and father-in-law of Zende Forrester. Spoilers stated that Zende would receive an unexpected visitor and the fact that things have appeared to have gone south with his wife, Julius will likely have plently to say about Zende’s treatment of his daughter. Babatundé was last seen in 2018, and in another turn of events, actress Karla Mosley confirmed her Bold & Beautiful status, which left fans wondering what was going to become of Maya…

– Amy Mistretta

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020

Dick Christie return Charlie B&B

Actor Dick Christie is set to return to The Bold and the Beautiful as Forrester Creations’ security guard Charlie Webber this month, according to Soap Opera Digest. Watch for the actor, who was last seen on February 12, to appear onscreen in the Tuesday October 20 episode, which also features a certain Forrester model bursting into song at the fashion house.

– Candace Young

Friday, October 16th, 2020

Karla Mosley bb maya cbs

Although Karla Mosley’s Maya has not been seen on The Bold and the Beautiful in over a year, many fans hoped that the popular character would return. However, the same week that Maya’s brother-in-law Zende returned to L.A. — and her cantankerous dad, Julian, was referenced — the actress posted two separate Instagram messages indicating she will not be returning. “While I was disappointed that she wasn’t honored with a goodbye that matched the importance of her presence on the show,” Mosley said in an accompanying video, “I also know that that’s how it goes.” Mosley, who also played Guiding Light’s Christina, took on the role of Maya in 2013. Maya married Forrester heir Rick (Jacob Young) in 2015 and the pair eventually relocated to Europe in early 2018. Soon after, Maya returned sans Rick, with no explanation as to what had gone wrong between the much-loved couple or why they were divorcing.

Saturday, October 10th, 2020

Jarvis W. George cast as case worker Michael Turner B&B

Jarvis George will be appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful on Tuesday October 13 as a case worker named Michael Turner. This looks to be the actor’s first daytime role but he’s turned up in numerous primetime series such as Desperate Housewives, Criminal Minds, The Fugitive and currently plays Damien Miller on Consequences.

– Amy Mistretta

Wednesday, October 7th, 2020


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