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Although characters on The Bold and the Beautiful have their finger on the pulse of all things fashion, they’ve never really gotten behind that whole “long engagement” trend. More often than not, once a couple gets it into their head that they’re made for each other, the engage in a mad dash to the altar — or at least Eric’s living room.

The same can not, however, be said for Pam Douglas and Charlie Webber. Viewers will recall that the pair were brought together by their jobs at Forrester Creations, where she shares secretarial duties with Donna and he heads up the security team. Love eventually bloomed between them, and plans were made for a wedding… until a battle broke out between the would-be bride and Quinn. During the resulting melee, Stephanie’s portrait was damaged, insults were hurled and — for reasons we never quite understood — Pam ultimately ended her engagement to Charlie.

bold beautiful pam quinn fight HW

Since that time, Charlie and Pam’s romance — and, largely, the characters — have been backburnered. But on Friday, October 22nd, Alley Mills and Dick Christie bring the lemon bar baker and her uniform-wearing beau back to the canvas. Call us romantics, but we can’t help hoping that perhaps this means they’re derailed engagement will get back on track and wedding talk will resume. (Sure, Quinn still rules the roost at the Forrester mansion, but we hear there are other places in the greater Los Angeles area at which people are allowed to pledge their devotion to one another.)

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Then again, their appearance — which continues on Monday, October 25th — could serve another purpose. It’s worth recalling that the last time Sheila stirred up trouble, she forced Charlie to do her bidding. And given Pam’s never-ending disdain for Quinn, whom she’ll never think good enough to fill the matriarch position formerly occupied by her late sister, we can always hope the women might once again do battle.

Meanwhile, join us in wishing Christie happy birthday, as he’ll mark the special occasion on Thursday, October 21. Then swing by the gallery below in which we look at character who were supposed to be The Next Big Thing… but instead wound up proving so unpopular they were soon pointed toward the exit.

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Xavier Prather big brother winner guests on bb

Last month, one of CBS’ biggest reality shows made history and now soap fans will get to see it spill over onto The Bold and the Beautiful. Lawyer Xavier Prather, Big Brother’s first ever Black winner will be making a few guest appearances on the soap as a Forrester executive named James on Monday, November 8, as well as on Wednesday, November 10.

The reality show shared the news, along with Prather on the set of Bold & Beautiful, via social media and asked fans, “Are you wanting more Xavier?!? Well, you’re in luck!”

Prather’s guest appearance is no surprise, as many before him, such as fan favorite Rachel Reilly, have turned up at Forrester Creations, Bikini Bar and other sets on the soap. However, this season was epic and getting to see one of Big Brother’s strongest contestants ever take part in a current storyline, well, what better way to continue Prather’s much-deserved win!

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If you didn’t watch this season, the 23rd in the popular show, Prather was part of a dominate six-person alliance called The Cookout. It was created from the very beginning with the goal to have the first-ever Black contestant win. And not only did they all accomplish that task, The Cookout made it to the final six before they had to start voting each other out.

Xavier Prather wins Big Brother

In the end, Prather won the final Head of Household competition, evicted Azah and brought Big D to the final two. After a unanimous vote from the jury, Prather took home the $750,000 grand prize with Big D as the runner-up with $75,000 and Tiffany, another member of The Cookout, getting picked for the $50,000 prize for America’s Favorite Houseguest!

Congrats to all!

While we await Prather’s appearance, take a look through our gallery of soap opera guest stars we’d love to see return.

— Amy Mistretta

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

Sean KananTHE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Celebrate 30 Years-ArrivalClifton's CafeteriaLos Angeles, CA3/18/17 © Nick Sined/jpistudios.com310-657-9661** NO FRANCE SALES **

Funny, was just thinking up new stories that The Bold and the Beautiful could tell with Deacon Sharpe, from a reunion with his estranged son to a romance with a certain busybody singleton to being the catalyst that bonds daughter Hope with stepbrother-in-law FInn. And what do ya know? Now the CBS soap actually has rehired Sean Kanan in the role that he originated back in 2000.

“I’m baaaaack!” he tweeted on October 6. “Tune in tomorrow… and see what daytime’s baddest bad boy has in store for the Forresters.”

Longtime viewers will recall that Deacon’s past is as checkered as a picnic blanket. He’ll never live down the time he took Bridget’s virginity — while her horrified family listened in on speakerphone. Or the time he cheated on Bridget with her mother, Brooke (which by the way is how we got Hope). Or the time he carried on with Jackie Marone behind her husband’s back. Or the time…

Katherine Kelly Lang and Sean Kanan "Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City 10/21/02 ©Aaron Montgomery/JPI 310-657-9661 Episode# 3929

Well, you get the idea. He’s a complicated sorta fellow (and that’s being generous). And that’s not even counting his shenanigans on sister soap The Young and the Restless. There, he blackmailed both Nikki and Amber into marrying him — for starters. (You can review his litany of sins via our brand-new photo gallery.)

Sean Kanan, Adrienne Frantz "The Young and the Restless" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles 8/5/09 ©sean smith/ 310-657-9661

In his latest Bold & Beautiful comeback, we can only hope that Deacon will try to stay on the straight and narrow, and make amends to Hope. But knowing him, he’ll probably wind up forming some kind of diabolical scheme team with Sheila and mucking up his second (22nd?) chance. While you ponder the possibilities, check out a photo gallery that serves as a reminder of all of the actors coming and going from the show.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

bb wyatt Darin Brooks of the CBS series THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, Weekdays (1:30-2:00 PM, ET; 12:30-1:00 PM, PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

“So happy and proud to announce this,” Darin Brooks excitedly began his Instagram post on September 29. “My new Apple show I’ve been working on here in Utah: Amber Brown!”

The series, an adaptation of the popular books of the same name by Paula Danziger, is being “helmed by the incredible Bonnie Hunt,” among others. Its plot revolves around the efforts of the titular character (played by Carsyn Rose, whom you might recognize from The Rookie) to find her voice following her parents’ breakup. Grey’s Anatomy vet Sarah Drew (ex-April) plays Amber’s mother; Brooks, Mom’s boyfriend.

“I’m so incredibly blessed to be working with you all!” the Daytime Emmy winner told his new castmates. “You’re all brilliant in this, and… all of you out there have to check it out when it drops… Keep you all posted! You’re gonna love it!”


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Those of you who might be worried that Brooks’ new gig will take him away from his current one can breathe a sigh of relief. A rep for the soap tells us that “Darin remains on contract with The Bold and the Beautiful as Wyatt.” Besides, the daytime vet, previously Max on Days of Our Lives, would hardly be the first cast member to pull double duty on two shows.

While you let that double dose of good news sink in, catch up with all of the latest Bold & Beautiful comings and goings via our handy-dandy scorecard.

Wednesday, September 29th, 2021

sheila Kimberlin BrownTHE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Fan Club Event 2017Los Angeles Marriott Burbank AirportBurbank, CA8/20/17 © Jill Johnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661

Days before the on-air reveal that Bold & Beautiful supervillain Sheila Carter is Finn’s mother, the news is out. First Kimberlin Brown appeared on Entertainment Tonight, which also ran clips of her nefarious character introducing herself to her son. Then she was interviewed by Soap Opera Digest.

“When I found out that Finn was Sheila’s son, I was excited — I mean, terribly excited,” Brown told the magazine. “Especially because all the years that Sheila has been on the show, and I know she has other children, I’m finally going to get to act with one of them for more than just a little while.”

What’s more, Finn’s marriage to Steffy ties Sheila to ex-husband Eric and his family — whether they like it or not. Though, to hear Brown tell it, the antagonist, who got her start on The Young and the Restless stealing both Lauren’s husband and her baby, will be on her best behavior. “I really thought she had changed the last time she was there. She was really trying to be a better person,” she said. “There’s no doubt about that, and I don’t think that that has changed.

Kimberlin Brown, Rena Sofer "The Bold and the Beautiful" Set CBS Television City Los Angeles, Ca. 06/29/17 © XJJohnson/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 7649 U.S.Airdate 08/11/17

“But… when you have certain elements in life that refuse to acknowledge that betterment, you just hope you don’t slip back into some of your old ways,” she continued. “I guess it’s the way I have always signed my photographs: ‘Get ready, because the best is yet to come!’”

While you’re here, check out all of the latest Bold & Beautiful cast changes with our newly updated Comings & Goings photo gallery.

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

carter and paris talk vow renewal bb

The much-anticipated time has come for Finn and Steffy to tie the knot, and though Carter has been known to be the official Forrester wedding officiate, given his recent hot affair with Eric’s wife Quinn, his services won’t be needed at the mansion! In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, it’s reported that Petri Hawkins-Byrd will step in as the officiant who marries Finn and Steffy during the week of August 2.

Though this is Hawkins-Byrd’s first soap opera appearance, fans of the arbitration-based reality court show Judge Judy will recognize him as the show’s bailiff. It’ll be interesting to see if his character will be able to control himself, should anyone interrupt the nuptials, since he’s used to keeping America’s popular courtroom in order at all times!

Petri Hawkins-Byrd cast as Steffy Finn wedding officiant bb

Steffy and Finn recently welcomed their first child together, little Hayes Forrester-Finnegan. Their son was named to honor Steffy’s mother Taylor with a hyphenated last name to tie-in his parents.

finn and steffy hold newborn son bb

Speaking of parents… Steffy has been pretty open with Finn about wanting to meet his family, and though he clearly has been keeping a secret surrounding his dad and mom, we will get to meet them very soon (and learn their secret!) when soap vet Ted King and Days of Our Lives alum Naomi Matsuda join the cast as Jack and Li Finnegan.

Those who have watched Steffy and Finn’s journey know it was love at first sight for the damsel in distress and the good doctor. invites fans to take a look back through their romance in our gallery filled with photos of the couple.

— Amy Mistretta

Thursday, July 29th, 2021

ted king to bb as jack Finnegan

Last month, reported that Finn’s parents were on their way to Los Angeles to meet their soon-to-be grandson. Now that baby Hayes is here, we can confirm that daytime veteran Ted King will make his The Bold and the Beautiful debut as Finn’s father Jack Finnegan on Friday, July 30, as reported by Soap Opera Digest.

King is no stranger to daytime, having had roles on One Life to Live, General Hospital, Loving, The City and Another World, and will surely be an added bonus among the Bold & Beautiful cast. Though it’s unknown how long he’ll appear on the canvas, Entertainment Weekly first teased that viewers will learn about Finn’s parents extremely dramatic backstory.

steffy gives birth to finn's baby bb

For now, Finn and Steffy have been enjoying their new little boy, Hayes Forrester Finnegan — and have already had their fair share of drama surrounding Liam’s incarceration and all of the events leading up to it. Finn recently made it very clear that he didn’t want to wait a moment longer and presented his fiancée with wedding rings — and a proposal to get married as soon as possible.

bold beautiful steffy visits liam screenshot

Hopefully they will have a little more time to bask in their happiness before a bomb is dropped surrounding Finn’s parents and the past they shared. Expect to see Finn’s mom Li, played by Days of our Lives alum Naomi Matsuda (ex-Tori Narita), arrive shortly after Jack on Monday, August 2.

Until we wait for the next shoe to drop, take a walk back in time with us through our gallery featuring photos of Finn and Steffy’s romance.

— Amy Mistretta

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Kiara Barnes exit B&B

It’s time to say goodbye… Singer and actress Kiara Barnes’ last scenes on the Bold & Beautiful will soon air on the heels of a scandalous secret coming to light that will undoubtedly leave her character, Zoe Buckingham, broken-hearted.

News broke in April that Barnes was leaving her soap role for primetime after being cast as a series regular in FOX’s Fantasy Island reboot, and her alter-ego’s exit storyline has been building onscreen ever since.

After joining the soap in 2018 as an obsessive young woman who followed her love interest, Xander Avant, across the pond, (and who spent an inordinate amount of time talking to her cat), Barnes’ character dropped her British accent and joined the ranks of the legendary Forrester models. Zoe painted a mural in Wyatt’s beach house and became embroiled in a love triangle before becoming entangled in the year-long Baby Beth saga. Amazingly, after keeping the secret that her father had sold Hope Logan’s baby, when the truth came out, Zoe was redeemed and accepted back into the fold at Forrester Creations.

After a failed engagement to Thomas Forrester, Zoe bounced back to fall for “Forrester adjacent” Carter Walton after he snagged a promotion to company COO. But Zoe was dazzled by smooth designer Zende Forrester when he returned to Los Angeles, and the grass began to look greener at the Forrester manse, a miscalculation which ended her engagement to Carter. The pair have reconciled, but now he’s keeping a secret that will devastate Zoe. The dramatic reveal is set to explode sooner rather than later, and while it may not be the killer send-off we envisioned, it will almost certainly be the catalyst for Zoe’s exit.

We’ve loved having Kiara Barnes in daytime, but her last appearance will come on Tuesday, July 6, as confirmed by Soap Opera Digest. Be sure to watch’s upcoming Bold & Beautiful spoilers for storyline teasers as the date approaches. In the meantime, look back on some of B&B’s most memorable rivalries as seen in photos.

– Candace Young

Friday, June 25th, 2021

Joe LoCicero exits B&B as Vinny

Although Vinny was run down and left for dead, portrayer Joe LoCicero will be making another appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful next week. And while we’re pretty sure the drug-dearler-turned-lab-tech isn’t about to rise from the grave — that’s not really this soap’s style — expect what happens next week to set in motion some very big events for several characters.

Of course, you’ll recall that Poor, Dead Vinny earned that nickname after being plowed down by Liam, who was driving dad Bill’s car. In the moments that followed, both Spencer men acted in exactly the way you’d expect: Liam fainted and Bill — as Hope loves to say — turned what was an accident into a crime by leaving the scene and destroying evidence. Now, Bill and his son are languishing behind bars, Hope is being encouraged to lean on Thomas (!) of all people and Vinny has been all-but sainted by folks happy to forget some of his more unpleasant behaviors.

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According to the latest Bold & Beautiful spoilers, Thomas makes a discovery on Monday, June 21, involving texts sent by his late, lamented best friend. Look for these revealing missives to put Thomas on a collision course with danger as Justin takes matters into his own hands. Anyone else wondering if perhaps Bill’s lawyer might finally get a bit of revenge against Thomas for that whole ran-Emma-off-the-road-and-left-her-to-die incident?

Either way, we know we won’t be alone in celebrating Vinny’s return to Bold & Beautiful, if only for a day. Upon his departure, LoCicero told Soap Opera Digest that his wife Gina Rodriguez — who once played Beverlee on the show — was bummed to see him exit. No, not because they’d be losing an income, but because, as he explained, “we really enjoyed watching it together.”

While we wait to see not only Vinny’s return but the reportedly crazy twists about to hit the show, why now check out this gallery in which we look back at the best and worst of 2021… so far!

Friday, June 18th, 2021

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood return B&B

By the time viewers were watching the end of the dramatic ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ storyline surrounding Steffy’s pregnancy, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood had exited The Bold and the Beautiful. The expectant mom gave birth to her second baby boy, Lenix and began her maternity leave. But we have great news, for Wood’s Steffy to reappear on Monday, May 31!

Due to the actress having taped ahead, Steffy’s onscreen absence seemed shorter than Jacqui’s actual time off, but her fans began missing her as soon as her alter-ego’s last scenes aired. She left on a high note, with her character’s life back in order as Finn was revealed as the father of her unborn child after the paternity results were switched to make it look like Liam was the dad. Finn stopped Steffy from hopping a plane to Paris, proposed, gave her the good news about the baby, and then proposed again. In their final scenes, Finn and Steffy updated her daughter Kelly on their big news. Currently, Steffy and Kelly are overseas while Finn remains in Los Angeles working.

Bold & Beautiful viewers have been anxiously anticipating word on when Steffy might return to plan her dream wedding to Finn. In April, Jacqui took to her Instagram story, where she was seated in a car in a denim jacket to tease, “Guess who’s back to Bold & Beautiful? This girl!”

The popular actress has clearly been enjoying time off with her husband Ethan Ruspoli and her two sons, Rise and Lenix, and recently celebrated her birthday while stunning in a teeny bikini in Miami just shy of two months after giving birth. And yet, she seemed just as excited to be returning to her home away from home at CBS studios.

During Jacqui’s time off, fans let us know what they wanted to see happen in Steffy and Finn’s upcoming storyline, and it won’t be long before they find out just what the future will bring for the lovebirds. In the meantime, if you missed it, check out Jacqueline Wood’s hottest red carpet looks and find out how we ranked them.

– Candace Young

Friday, May 21st, 2021


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