Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Deceased) (as played by Susan Flannery on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Deceased)

* Covered up Thorne's shooting of Ridge.
* Attempted to kill Brooke after learning about her relationship with Thorne.
* Bribed Dr. Mark MacClaine to aid her in faking a heart attack.
* Held Brooke at gunpoint and tried to get her to commit suicide.
* Kept quiet about Taylor's involvement in Darla's death.
* Nicknamed 'Queenie' and 'Highness' by Sally Spectra.
* Encouraged lawyer Andy to pursue Brooke, which he did, but unbeknownest to Stephanie, he also raped her.
* Was shot by Storm Logan.
* Battled Donna for Eric's heart.

Who's played Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Deceased) over the years?

Susan Flannery (March 24, 1987 - present)
Danielle Ryan Chuchran (2006 - in flashbacks as a young Stephanie)

Past History

When we were first introduced to Stephanie, she was the proud matriarch of the Forrester family and one of the leading powers in fashion. She had been married to Eric for 25 years, but his past was about to intrude on them. By coincidence, he met his former lover Beth while she was working as a caterer at an event Stephanie organized. She had left him when she discovered that Stephanie was pregnant with Ridge. He soon asked for a divorce so that he could reunite with his lost love. Although Stephanie agreed, she hired Conway Weston to track down Beth's husband Stephen Logan and reunite him with his estranged wife. She then had them sent to Paris with a new job.

After saving her marriage, she kept her eye on Eric's assistant, Margo Lynley as she played on his drifting libido and meddled in the love life of her daughter Kristen, setting her up with gigolo Clarke Garrison. Things weren't all well in her own relationship however. Eric began to suspect her of cheating when she was really slipping off to spend time with her daughter Angela, who had supposedly died at birth. This came out and Eric accepted it, but it later became evident that Angela was actually an impostor.

While her marriage to Eric continued to strain, he moved on with Brooke. Although Stephanie resisted, when Brooke became pregnant, she granted him a divorce. At that point, she turned her focus to the company and went after Sally Spectra for stealing Forrester designs. Soon after, under pressure, she suffered a minor stroke and was stricken with amnesia. After a car breakdown, she wandered the streets and lived as a homeless woman. Even after she'd regained her memory, she persisted in this life while planning a way to get Eric back.

In a bid to get Eric from Brooke, she hired an expert forger to write a note in Eric's hand professing his love for her. This plan didn't work. Eric would leave Brooke however, and move on with Sheila Carter. This proved to be even more infuriating for Stephanie and she set about destroying the marriage. Digging into Sheila's nasty past, she couldn't stop Sheila before she almost killed Eric and most of the family. Although Sheila was briefly institutionalized, she returned to go after Stephanie, changing her calcium pills for mercury tablets and causing her to have a breakdown. Stephanie was briefly institutionalized, but, once she got out, began to pursue Sheila's new husband. This raised the psychotic woman's anger once again and, after continual threats and harassment, Stephanie had her arrested. Sheila quickly escaped and fled town, but not before leaving a bullet in Stephanie.

These difficult years made Stephanie's sanity precarious at best. She was almost pushed over the edge when Brooke became engaged to Thorne, an event which brought back all of the pain which she had blamed Brooke for. As a result, Stephanie tried to stab Brooke, only to be stopped by Thorne himself. Within weeks though, the mere sight of Brooke and Throne was enough to give her a stroke. While hospitalized, Eric proposed to her and the family hid Brooke's ongoing presence. As she remarried Eric, she began to recover, only to have Sally pull the rug out by letting her know that her son and Brooke were still a couple. After another stroke, she manged to start putting things behind her, walking Brooke down the aisle and entering therapy with her. While their detentes wouldn't last, it was a momentary break from the years of manipulation which Stephanie had pushed on her children and family.

She'd tried to trap Ridge into a relationship with Taylor, arranged for Morgan to have Ridge's child aborted, a choice which would come back to haunt her when, years later Morgan returned and the two almost drowned one another fighting over Ridge.
Soon, another rupture would appear when her former college lover, Massimo Marone began to make waves in her life again. He was Ridge's biological father, a fact which Stephanie had never realized until an accident left Ridge needing a blood transfusion which only Massimo could give. After begging Massimo to keep the secret, he asked her to move in. They never became close again though, because Taylor's abrupt 'death' pushed her back into the fore of her family and into Eric's arms. It also meant that she had to renew her battle against Brooke now that Ridge was free. Pretending to be her friend, Stephanie pushed her to Nick Marone, but the friendship ended when Brooke became pregnant by Ridge again.

Things escalated when Taylor returned from the dead and Stephanie faked a heart attack to bring them together. When the truth of this deception came out, Eric promptly went after a divorce.

Alone and depressed, Stephanie was shocked to discover documents that indicated she rightfully had total control of Forrester Creations. These documents had been hidden from her by Eric and Kay Chancellor for years. Immediately, with Massimo's help, she threw Brooke and Eric out, installing Thorne as president of the company. Later, she would let Eric and Brooke return, to the basement, and welcome her daughter Felicia back as she was dying of cancer. Since it was her final wish to see her parents wed, Eric and Stephanie agreed, thinking they would annul it as soon as she died. That did not happen however and their relationship grew stronger when they were forced to hand Forrester Creations over to Nick after she almost killed his mother.

Desperate to understand her often vicious behavior, Stephanie went into counseling with Taylor. Their sessions revealed that she had been beaten by her father as a child. Looking for answers, Stephanie traveled to Chicago to confront her mother, Ann. Her mother denied everything, although her sister Pamela tried to convince her that it was true. Stephanie left in disgust, but Ann and Pamela soon came back to her, at Christmas, in a bid to reconcile. Although reluctant, Stephanie did accept her mother's apology and, with Eric's entreaties began to forgive her.

In another show of goodwill, Stephanie gave half of the company to Brooke after Ridge suffered a heart attack. To her horror, Brooke then married Nick and Taylor sold her two percent of the company to Brooke. When Nick took over after his mother's accident though, she left him and her shares to return to Ridge and prove her familial loyalty. In a bid for revenge, Stephanie began digging in Jackie's life and discovered that she used to be a prostitute. After hunting down one of her johns, she had the man publicly appear to bring her disgrace. This failed and, with some maneuvering, Nick maintained control. Eric was angered by his wife's antics and she went to spend time with her mother and sister while they began Forrester Originals. When she returned, she was surprised to find Eric offering to bring her mother and sister onto the Forrester grounds. Even more shocking, she soon noticed that the newest competitor for Eric's attentions might be her own sister.

After an argument, Pam and Ann returned to Chicago and Stephanie turned her attention back to Brooke. Believing she was an unfit mother, Stephanie tried to take the kids away from her. She succeeded when the court awarded temporary custody to Ridge. In an attempt to get Ridge permanent custody of RJ and Hope, Stephanie hired a lawyer named Andy to pursue Brooke. Taking things too far, Andy raped Brooke when she rebuffed his advances. Although Stephanie was unaware of what happed, Ridge found out and went after Andy. Andy was accidentally killed and Ridge dropped the custody suit. When Stephanie found out, she gave Brooke a heartfelt apology, which was not well received and then left town. After learning of Stephanie’s part in Brooke’s rape, Eric agreed to Nick’s terms of buying Forrester Creations back, which meant he had to divorce Stephanie.

Stephanie returned to LA and discovered that Eric was divorcing her and that she no longer had a place at Forrester. Eric began seeing Donna and Stephanie enlisted Thorne and Felicia to help her sabotage their relationship. Stephanie was then shot by Storm, but he made it look like his father Stephen had done it. She of course survived and Pam came to be with her sister when she learned what happened. When Stephanie found out Storm was the shooter, Brooke pleaded with her not to press charges. Stephanie agreed, but only if Donna broke up with Eric. Donna agreed, but secretly kept her affair with Eric going. Stephanie eventually discovered the cover up, but agreed to a divorce if Eric would spend their anniversary with her and their family.

Pam stepped in and tried to make Donna regret the day she took up with Eric. Knowing Pam was playing tricks on Donna out of her loyalty to Stephanie, the elder Douglas told her sister to stop because she and Eric were finished. Stephanie also gave up her half of the house so Eric and Donna could live there together and she signed divorce papers.

Stephanie went to live in the beach house in Malibu and fell into a brief depression. She snapped out of it however when Eric went into a coma. Stephanie rushed to his bedside, but still respected his and Donna’s marriage. It was learned that Pam was behind Eric’s coma and Stephanie tried to help the police track her sister down, but Pam escaped.

Eric opened his eyes in Stephanie’s presence and when she went to tell Donna, she saw Eric’s wife and Owen in bed together. Furious, Stephanie whisked Eric to the house and had Ridge send Donna out of town on Forrester business so Donna wouldn’t find out. Stephanie played nursemaid to Eric and professed her undying love to him when he woke up.

Once Eric was up and around, he saw Donna and Owen in a lip lock and wanted nothing more to do with her. Stephanie was only too happy to support him through this rough time. Donna pleaded her case to Eric, but it fell on deaf ears for a while. When Eric was ready to reconcile with Donna, she refused him because Pam threatened to hurt the people Donna loved if she didn’t stay away from Eric so Stephanie could have him. Stephanie eventually found out what Pam was doing and enlisted Eric’s help in luring her sister out in the open. It was then revealed that Pam had a brain tumor, which was probably the reason for her bizarre behavior. Stephanie and Eric convinced Donna not to press charges and Pam went back to Chicago for treatment.

Once that situation was settled, both Stephanie and Donna wanted to be with Eric, but he wasn’t ready to make a decision. He suggested the three of them all live together in the mansion until he was ready. Surprisingly, both women agreed.

In the meantime, Stephanie tried to get her son Ridge and his ex-wife Taylor back together even though he was in love with Brooke. She also kept Rick’s secret that he was manipulating Brooke so it would cause problems in her and Ridge’s relationship.

Flings and Relationships

Massimo Marone
Adam Banks
Jack Hamilton
James Warwick


John Douglas (father - deceased)
Ann Douglas (mother)
Pamela Douglas (sister)


Ridge Forrester (with Massimo Marone)
Angela Forrester (with Eric Forrester - deceased)
Kristen Forrester Dominguez (with Eric Forrester)
Thorne Forrester (with Eric Forrester)
Felicia Forrester(with Eric Forrester)
Thomas Forrester (grandson)
Steffy Forrester (granddaughter)
Phoebe Forrester (granddaughter)
R.J. Forrester (grandson)
Alexandria Forrester(granddaughter)
Zende Forrester Dominiguez (grandson by adoption)
Dominick Damiano Marone Jr. (grandson)


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