Saul Feinberg Jr. (as played by Alex Wyse on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Saul Feinberg Jr.

* Is the grandson of Saul Feinberg
* Is a tailor/dressmaker

Who's played Saul Feinberg Jr. over the years?

Alex Wyse (February 10 2017 - present)

Past History

Saul Feinberg Jr. arrived on the scene just as Sally Spectra was looking to hire staff to revive the old Spectra Fashions company. When Sally and Shirley Spectra realized he was the grandson of Sally Spectra Garrison's former sidekick and dressmaker, Saul Feinberg, he was hired on the spot.

Flings and Relationships



Saul Feinberg (grandfather)




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