Sally Spectra (as played by Courtney Hope on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Sally Spectra

* Is Sally Spectra Garrison's grandniece
* Is a fashion designer
* Was raised by her grandmother
* Has a crush on Thomas Forrester
* Considers Steffy Forrester her rival

Who's played Sally Spectra over the years?

Courtney Hope (January 31 2017 - present)

Past History

Sally Spectra first appeared as a customer at Il Giardino that struck up a flirtatious conversation with Thomas Forrester. After she signed her tab as Sally Spectra, it was revealed that she was the original Sally Spectra's grandniece, and had been raised by her 'Grams', Sally's sister, Shirley. Sally's purpose in Los Angeles was to do her Great Aunt Sally proud by revitalizing Spectra Fashions, which began by her striking a deal with Sally's son, CJ Garrison, to rent the old Spectra building. CJ gave her six months to show a result or he was moving forward with his plan to sell the old structure to Bill Spencer, who wanted to tear it down and put up a new building. Sally hired her staff, Saul Jr and Darlita, and kick-started her efforts to revive Spectra Fashions by inciting a public scene with Steffy Forrester in an effort to gain notoriety with Steffy's millions of followers on social media. She then crashed the Nicole and Zende Forrester wedding, posing as a caterer, where she received her second kiss from Thomas, and had her face pushed into a cake by Steffy.

Flings and Relationships

Wyatt Fuller (had sex)
Thomas Forrester (kissed)


Shirley Spectra (grandmother)
Sally Spectra Garrison (great aunt)
Clarke Garrison (great uncle)
CJ Garrison (cousin)




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