Oliver Jones (as played by Zach Conroy on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Oliver Jones

* Younger brother of Agnes Jones (aka Sandy Sommers)
* Cousin to Whip Jones.
* Works at Forrester Creations.
* Dates Hope Logan.
* Slept with Brooke in a case of mistaken identity.

Who's played Oliver Jones over the years?

Zach Conroy (January 20, 2010 - present)

Past History

Oliver came to Los Angeles as the brother of Agnes Jones and cousin to Whip Jones. He fell for Hope Logan and had to ward off the attentions of her competitive cousin, Steffy. Oliver set up a wonderful masquerade-themed graduation party for Hope, but inadvertently had sex with her mother, Brooke, when he mistook her for Hope and she mistook him for Ridge. Hope dumped him when the escapade came out.

A vulnerable Oliver then got close to Amber Moore, who hacked into his tablet and sent pictures of Forrester designs to Jackie M. Amber got fired, moved in with Oliver, and they hooked up. When Amber got pregnant, she and Oliver conspired to name Liam as the father and break up Liam and Hope. Oliver was there for Hope during the ups and downs, but in the end Amber gave birth to an African-American baby and Marcus was revealed to be the true father. Liam exposed Oliver's part in Amber's scheme and won Hope back.

Oliver continues to work at Forrester and often gives others advice. He participated in a fashion show for the menswear line and does photo shoots regularly. Oliver recently kissed Maya Avant, who is engaged to someone else.

Flings and Relationships

Hope Logan (dated)
Brooke Logan Forrester (slept together; mistaken identity)
Steffy Forrester (dated)
Amber Moore (lived together)
Forrester model, Theresa (dated)
Maya Avant (kissed)




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