Nicole Avant Forrester (as played by Reign Edwards on The Bold and the Beautiful)

Useful information about Nicole Avant Forrester

* Maya Avant's estranged sister.
* Lives at the Forrester mansion.
* Wants to be a model.

Who's played Nicole Avant Forrester over the years?

Reign Edwards (January 16 2015 - present)

Past History

Nicole Avant arrived in Los Angeles under the guise of being a graphic arts student at UCLA, but it turned out she wasn't enrolled and had actually come to town looking for her estranged sister, Maya. Nicole confronted Maya about abandoning her years before to a life with parents who didn't understand her, and also told Maya she had come across her birth certificate - Maya was born Myron, a male. Nicole told Maya she would keep her secret as long as Maya supported her as a sister should. Maya called it blackmail. Soon, Nicole began showing up at Forrester Creations pressuring Maya into getting her a modeling job. Carter overheard one of their arguments and was stunned to learn that Maya was transgender.

Flings and Relationships

Julius Avant (father)
Vivienne Avant (mother)
Maya Avant (sister)
Sasha Avant (half-sister)




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